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Sunglasses are essentially used to help protect our eyes from the rays of sunlight and to look cool on holidays. The first pair were made in the 12th Century in China and throughout the centuries the use of sunglasses has shifted and improved to offer the best eyewear protection for glasses-wearers and non-glasses-wearers. 


At SmartBuyGlasses you can explore a wide range of value collections and designer sunglasses. With over 80,000 models you can browse online, finding the perfect pair of sunglasses to fit any occasion has never been easier. No matter if you are looking for the next Ray-Bans, or going more sporty with a pair of Oakleys, or simply want to look cool while helping the planet with the Arise Collective, we have you covered! 


SmartBuyGlasses Canada can offer you a diverse range of prescription sunglasses and advice on what and how to wear the right ones for you and your eyes.

Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

There are 4 main face shapes that SmartBuyGlasses has identified: oval, square, round, and heart-shaped faces. 

Depending on your face shape there are certain styles, frames and colour sunglasses SmartBuyGlasses would recommend you try.

To find your face shape, you’ll need a mirror to outline your face by using a bar of soap, lipstick, or an erasable pen. Trace the outline of your face onto the mirror in front of you, then look at the shape you drew and compare it to the common face shapes. 


For more illustration, you can refer to our face shape guide. 


Once you have your face shape figured out, it’s time to pick your new frames! These are the styles we recommend to the main face shapes:


- Oval face shape: non-oversized frames, retro cat-eye frames, or frames with embellishments.

- Square face shape: round frames or oval frames

- Round face shape: rectangle frames, wayfarer frames or print colours and prints

- Heart face shape: wraparound frames, wayfarer frame shape, floral or tortoise pattern. 


If you’d like to find out more style advice and inspiration why not check out our blog? With our Virtual Try-On tool, you can virtually try-on different frames and see how they look before you buy. It's quick, easy and fun! 

How to measure sunglasses size?

There are two main methods with which you can measure the perfect size for your next sunglasses. If you have difficulty finding the right pair to fit your face then SmartBuyGlasses has outlined how you can find out: 


- Firstly, and maybe the easiest way, is to reference your existing pair of sunglasses. You can find the measurements on the inside of your frames, on the inside of the temple you will see 3 main measurements. The first will indicate the eye size of the lens, the second is the bridge, and the third is the temple measurement (indicating the length from the front to the end of the eyewear).

- Secondly, you can try to take the measurements yourself. You can easily use a mirror and a ruler to do so. Place the ruler on the temple of your head and measure the distance from one temple to the other. Once you have found your measurements, you may refer to the size chart to find your eyewear size, for both glasses and sunglasses. 

Have you found your next pair of stylish, sporty, chic sunglasses after using the Virtual Try-On tool to see how you look?  Once you have your new sunglasses in hand, it’s important to care for and clean your sunglasses in order for them to last longer and still look new. 


We’d recommend cleaning your eyewear, in particular the surface of your lenses, by using a specific cleaner and a microfiber cloth for glasses. You can also use this process to remove scratches from your lenses with a scratch remover. If you find any smudges or scratches on your lenses you can begin with using a cleaner and microfiber cloth. Then remove scratches by applying the scratch remover to the lenses and dabbing non-abrasive toothpaste on the damaged area, rubbing it gently with a cotton bud or ball. To then remove the paste, you’ll rinse it off with cool water. If the scratch is deeper you may need to repeat the process a few times. If the scratches remain, you could try using a scratch-filling product to temporarily fill in the scratch. If you’d like to learn more on how to clean your glasses and remove scratches you may check out our blog


Always try to place your glasses in an appropriate case when not using them to further prevent any damages. If you feel like you’d prefer professional help you can try at a local eyewear retailer with cleaning services or even an optometrist.   

Furthermore, you may want to consider upgrading your lenses with an anti-scratch coating before buying your sunglasses.

Get your eyes protected for your next adventure! Find the perfect style and virtually try them on before ordering. Visit SmartBuyGlasses Canada for more information about the various collections and types of lenses you can choose from. 


If you want to buy prescription sunglasses, but cannot remember your details, you can use our free Lens Scanner app to find your prescription details from your current pair of glasses.


SmartBuyGlasses come with a 24-month warranty, 100 day hassle-free returns policy, and FREE shipping. We also have the best price guarantee to ensure you get the best value possible.