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Round Glasses

I think we can all agree that seeing is important and wonderful. Imagine civilizations never took the time to study the eye or aspects of the human vision? We’d see a lot of squinting people and bumping into things. So let’s take a trip back in time and have a look at one of the most ancient visual aids there are: round glasses. 


It has been hard to pinpoint exactly when round glasses were invented but let’s say they’ve been around for a while. Some of the first-round glasses date back to the 13th century! They were a little different from our current round glasses as they didn’t have any temples and were made from heavy iron. 


But as demand grew the popularity of round glasses increased and those who could afford them were the first to benefit from new spectacles. Before round glasses were able to reach the rest of the population, they were a symbol for the elite and intellectual. This continued throughout the 20s and 30s.


Although new technical innovations, materials and frame designs began to enter the scene, round glasses never lost their charm and in the 60s were back in high fashion with the hippie movement. 


Even today in the modern-day and age, round glasses are a timeless classic frame, worn by iconic figures such as Steven Jobs or the magical fictional wizard Harry Potter. 


Round glasses may have had darker periods but these frames always find a way to pop back up and take over the scene.

Round Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dive into how we can wear round glasses and what face shape can rock these frames best. There isn’t an exact science behind the best face shape for the right glasses or sunglasses, but there are common aspects that better complement you and your style. 


Curved frames, like round glasses, compliment angular and strong facial features, they help create contrast and balance. Square and heart face shapes have strong and narrow facial features which would rock a pair of round frame glasses. 


Other softer face shapes can also be styled with a pair of, for example, oversized round frames and if you are looking to make a bold fashion statement then a dramatic pair of glasses will surely do the job. With an oval face shape, however, oversized frames wouldn’t work as well but a pair of smaller round frame glasses with cool embellishments should be on your list. 


Round frame glasses are timeless vintage frames that many can wear in different sizes, materials, colours, and patterns. They also come in different styles, like clear round glasses, that have shorter bridges known as the keyhole bridge. This type of bridge provides comfort and doesn’t leave any marks on your nose. 


At SmartBuyGlasses we’ve gathered easy-to-follow fashion advice and tips for you to find the perfect pair of glasses. If you are wondering what face shape you are and what frames you may look good in, jump onto our page and explore the face shape guide

It’s always down to personal preferences on how you decide to style your look and glasses. But if you are finding it a little difficult and just need a small push in the right direction, then read on. 


Whether you are looking to upgrade your style with a pair of prescription round glasses or looking to spice up your look for the next themed party, you’ll find that round frames can rock any outfit. You can go from a hippie-bohemian vibe to a revolutionary entrepreneur to a brave Gryffindor student. The looks are endless, chic and fun!


With a pair of round glasses, you’ll always find either a trendy, elegant, sporty, or casual outfit to go with them. A casual look, with light jeans and a T-shirt, may pop out with a pair of clear round glasses which you can combine with translucent colours or even add in a bit of sparkle with round clear glitter frames.


If you are on your way to the met gala then don’t forget your gold-rimmed round glasses! These are classic and elegant frames that will give you a sophisticated look to style with your smoking hot tuxedo. 


Even if you’ve just rolled out of bed with your oversized pyjamas and are trying to get ready for the day with a double espresso, why not pair this look with classic tortoiseshell colour round frames. With a darker pair and no makeup, you’ll be sure to make your eyes pop and soften your strong facial features. 


But maybe you are looking for a pair of round glasses that you can change up and style for any outfit all in one. Why not have a look at Carrera's interchangeable glasses! With just one pair of round glasses, you can clip on a new look and change whenever you want!  


Cool right? With SmartBuyGlasses we also give you some cool and trendy ideas to boost your flair so don’t forget to have a look at our blog for more glasses fashion. 


Are round glasses in style?

Round glasses have been through it all. The first pair of round glasses were invented decades ago, initially to simply help with visual impairments. Round frames then became a status symbol for the elite and intellectuals until their popularity declined as new designs were introduced. However, round glasses always found a way to remerge and were seen throughout time on the faces of many iconic figures. 

They don’t call it a timeless and vintage frame for nothing. Round frame glasses are still in style today and we doubt they’ll ever fade completely. Round glasses have adapted their popularity to each wave throughout history and have found their place among some of the trendiest frames to rock all year round. 


Our wide range of round glasses also allows you to protect your eyes while looking stylish. Try out the Blue light blocking with round glasses as you rock your new look in the office. After a few hours on your computer, you’ll notice your eyes not hurting as they used to. 

So at SmartBuyGlasses, we say yes, round glasses are still in style! Browse through endless trendy round frame glasses and if you are shopping for prescription glasses and can’t remember your prescription, use our Lens Scanner free app to find your prescription details from your current pair of glasses.