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    Prescription Sunglasses


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    Prescription Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are the number one accessory year-round, season after season. There could just be a small ray of sunlight peeking through the clouds and we will instantly wack out our favorite sunnies. No fear glasses wearers, with SmartBuyGlasses you’ll also find a variety of prescription sunglasses for you to join the crowd. 


    The first known sunglasses used to protect our eyes from the sun were ‘sun goggles’, which helped block out the glare that reflected off the snow. A long time ago, very long, ‘sun goggles’ were made from bone, ivory, driftwood, and more. 


    Nowadays prescription sunglasses are available in every eyewear store and online, from the most affordable pair to luxury designer sunglasses. The main difference between plano sunnies and prescription sunglasses is that the latter also helps correct your distance vision. 


    Even if you wear contact lenses and have non-prescription sunglasses, it’s important to remember that prescription sunglasses are your best bet in certain situations. If you find yourself where it’s windy, sandy or even dusty, small debris can still fly into your eyes, which can then cause irritation. 


    As a glasses wearer, purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses online could be the best bet, especially if you are tight on time and already have your up-to-date prescription at hand. Have a look at our prescription sunglasses guide and discover why purchasing sunglasses with a prescription is a good investment. In our guide, we have highlighted 4 top reasons why you should get your hands on a pair of prescription sunglasses:


    1. UV protection

    2. Clear vision on bright days

    3. Glare protection

    4. Limitless lens options


    How prescription sunglasses are made

    With technology always changing and improving, sunglasses materials have also changed throughout the years. No bone or ivory-made sunnies here. 


    The steps in making prescription sunglasses are fairly easy. There are a few factors to take into consideration, such as the power value of the prescription, coatings, and lens type. Here are the steps that goes into creating prescription sunglasses: 


    1. A frame style is picked. There are various designs and shapes, therefore the shape of the lens will also change to correctly adapt to the frame.

    2. A lens type is picked, this can vary from the colour and the type of tint.

    3. Surfacing. The lenses go through a machine that adds on the prescription needed and the coatings. The latter can be divided into anti-reflective, UV protection and anti-scratch coatings.

    4. Once the lenses are fitted with the prescription they are then checked to ensure it is correct.

    5. The next step is to then process the lenses in a machine that cuts them to the exact shape of the frame.

    6. The assembling begins and the frame is fitted with the lens. 

    7. Lastly, the sunglasses undergo a quality check. 


    Now the prescription sunglasses are ready to be packaged and shipped off! 


    Can any glasses be made into prescription sunglasses?

    Overall, all glasses can be customized with your prescription. This goes for many types of styles, frames, colour lenses, and so on. 


    Glasses are mainly used to correct visual impairments, such as farsightedness or nearsightedness. Sunglasses are no different. However, prescription sunglasses will also help protect your eyes from UV light and glare. 


    There are only a few small things that may not allow for sunglasses to be fitted with your prescription: 


    1. The curvature size needs to be 8 or less for it to be adapted with a prescription

    2. Not all frame styles can be customized with prescription lenses, mainly due to the size 


    Other than this you are free to choose among a variety of sunglasses that suit you and your style. You may love classic styles like the pilot frame or something more Avant-garde like unique geometric frames


    Can prescription sunglasses be polarized or mirrored?

    The standard prescription sunglasses will have a UV protective coating, which is essential for blocking out the harmful rays of light when it’s nice and sunny outside. 


    UV filters can also be fitted alongside other protective coatings to ensure a clear visual experience and eye protection.


    The first of these extra coatings are polarized lenses. The main difference from UV filters is that polarized lenses mainly help reduce glare that is reflected off a flat surface. And the good news is that your prescription can be fitted to polarized sunglasses.


    Alternatively, if you are looking for cool tinted lenses that hide your eyes, the mirrored coating is another great choice for your prescription sunglasses.  


    Different from polarized lenses, mirrored lenses have a reflective coating on the outside of the lens which helps reduce the amount of lighting that passes through. Mirrored lenses also help reduce glare and are a great fit for mixing and matching colours.


    With SmartBuyGlasses, it is easy to upgrade your prescription sunglasses with proactive coatings and make the most of your new trendy pair of sunnies. We also provide you with informative resources regarding the best lenses for your sunglasses in our Optical Center.


    How to get prescription sunglasses

    It’s easier than you thought! If you already have an existing pair of eyeglasses then you can use your prescription to order yourself a fancy new pair of our Value Collection or designer prescription sunglasses. 


    But maybe you can’t remember your prescription and you have found the perfect pair of sunnies, but it’s low in stock? We’ve got you covered and with a few quick and easy steps you can get your current prescription straight to your phone through our lens scanner tool


    There are endless ways to style and upgrade your prescription sunglasses online with a few simple clicks and have them arrive straight to your door in no time!