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Carrera Sunglasses


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Carrera Sunglasses

Carrera sunglasses are the trendiest choice for those out there with a "need for speed" attitude. A favourite of race car drivers and speed demons, Carrera sunglasses were created by Austrian-born, Wilhelm Anger Werker, who was inspired after watching the infamous South American Carrera Panamericana auto race.  This brand began to focus on the sportswear market with their eyeglasses, sunglasses, ski helmets and goggles. By working with top athletes throughout the decades their designs became more focused on the athlete, but wearable by anyone. From Winter Olympic athletes to Formula 1 racers, Carrera sunglasses embody the epitome of sleek design and functionality, now available in a range of contemporary colours in the range of Carrera sunglasses men and women's styles. 

Carrera: a pioneer in innovation

Made specifically to withstand the elements and enhance your performance on the track, in the water or on the slopes, Carrera is a pioneer in innovation. The brand is credited as the inventors of the patented “Optyl” material, a hypoallergenic, ultra-lightweight plastic. Crafted using this premium Optyl acetate, every pair of Carrera glasses is guaranteed to be comfortable, durable and stylish. Designed with your extreme lifestyle in mind, become a Carrera Champion in your new pair of shades. 

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SmartBuyGlasses Canada offers you an easy way to shop from home and hundreds of variations of Carrera sunglasses both for men and women.  Level up your vision. Check out Carrera 5001 sunglasses, these trendy sunglasses come in a variety of trendy colours, they are made from Polycarbonate to effectively provide your eyes from the sun. Update your look by choosing the Carrera CHAMPION 003/IR.  SmartBuyGlasses offers you the best lenses, to ensure total protection from UV 400 rays. Protect your eyes by choosing quality. When we talk about vision, there's no need to compromise.  Shop the wide selection of Carrera sunglasses available on Canada’s number one online retailer for sunglasses. We offer you a 24-month warranty and FREE shipping.