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Kids Glasses

There are various reasons why kids of all ages may need a pair of kids’ glasses. Some are simply due to genetics and the need to correct visual impairments such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. In the early stages of their life, kids may also need glasses to help ensure normal visual development. 


Other reasons could include helping conditions such as crossed eyes or strengthening a weak eye. No matter the reason, with SmartBuyGlasses we provide a range of kids’ glasses for toddlers, kids, pre-teens, and teens. 


Our kids’ prescription glasses can be fitted with single vision, multifocal, or reading lenses which can be upgraded with protective filters to ensure visual clarity and reduce eye damage. Online your kids will be able to browse through and choose among the many different styles and colours that fit their eye needs and individual look.

Kids Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Some kids love to be adventurous, curious, and wild. Other kids love to relax, enjoy a book, or be creative. No matter their preferences, rest assured there is a pair of glasses for each and one of them. 


Even for kids, however, there are certain things to keep in mind when finding the right pair of kids’ glasses. 

1. When choosing a frame style the thickness of the lenses should be the first thing you consider. For example, if your kids’ prescription is high and you choose thick frames, the lens will also be relatively thick. This is something you’d want to avoid and should choose a thinner lens index.

2. If your kid already has glasses you can find the frame measurements on the inside of the temple, this will indicate the lens width, the bridge width and the length of the temple. Otherwise, you can calculate both their size and pupillary distance from the comfort of your own home. 

3. Plastic frames are affordable, lightweight, and come in many colours. For example, nylon plastic is hypoallergenic, a material that is flexible and resistant to hot and cold temperatures. Metal frames are also a wide choice for kids’ frames as titanium that is corrosion resistant and available in many styles and fun colours.

4. Polycarbonate lenses, although a little more expensive, offer great optics, are durable, and scratch-resistant. Polycarbonate lenses can be fitted with any type of prescription and also have a UV filter. 

5. If your child finds it difficult keeping their frames on their nose then you’ll want to think of a pair of kids’ glasses with nose pads. Nose pads are a great addition that allows you to adjust your glasses to your face and fit comfortably. Another way to avoid sliding glasses is to use cable temples, which wrap around your ear. Kids’ prescription glasses can also come with elastic straps that wrap around the back of their head and spring hinges, suitable for activewear. 

6. There are also a variety of safety glasses for kids who love playing sports, a great way to help protect both your glasses and your vision. If your kid loves spending time indoors playing video games, then a pair of blue light glasses for kids is great. Blue light blocking helps reduce the glare from digital devices and reduce eye strain. 

Taking care of glasses, in general, can help avoid spending millions on a new pair year after year. When cleaning your glasses and putting them somewhere safe when you do not use them, can help them have a longer-lasting look. 


Here are some tips on helping your kids take care of their glasses:

• When kids are not using their glasses, make sure you have a fun and coloured case for them to store their glasses.

• Make cleaning your glasses quick and fun. Use cleaning solutions and a microfiber cloth when you want to get rid of the dust. 

• If the glasses need adjusting then check up on whether or not the glasses need to be tightened and fit comfortably on your kids’ noses. 

• Kids should avoid using their regular eyeglasses to engage in physical activities and have a pair of safety glasses to play any sport.

• Rather than using glue or tape to keep the glasses together, have a backup pair just in case.  


Find out more about how to care for your glasses in our informative article and more in our Optical Center. 

As for any pair of glasses, you can shop for them in-store or online. Either will give you the choice to find both kid’s prescription glasses and kids’ reading glasses


Once you’ve taken your kids to the optician for an eye test, you then decide what pair of kids’ glasses to purchase. If you are unsure as to what their prescription requires make sure to ask your local optician or check out our Optical Center for eye care advice. 


We know that parents’ schedules change substantially when kids come into their lives. And we know there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. No time to go to the optical store to pick a new pair of kids’ glasses and be a bit skeptical about buying them online?


No worries, with SmartBuyGlasses we provide a wide range of kids’ glasses from toddlers to teens. You’ll find kids’ prescription glasses that help correct different visual impairments. It’s easy to choose a pair of glasses for the visual correction your kids need, you’ll be able to filter all your (and their) preferences to ensure purchasing the best quality kids’ glasses. 

Want a pair of kids’ glasses with fun colours, cool designs made with high-quality materials, and lenses that help protect their vision? Look no further!