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Tom Ford Sunglasses

When it comes to luxury, elegant, and sophisticated eyewear, Tom Ford sunglasses won’t disappoint. 


Having previously worked with Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford’s experience in the fashion industry can be seen in the perfectly designed Tom Ford eyewear


And although he resigned from his position of vice-chairman of the Gucci Group, after just 2 years, Tom Ford was far from seeking early retirement. Since the launch of his brand, in 2005, his line of eyewear has been, unsurprisingly, hugely successful from the get-go.


Much of the success of Tom Ford sunglasses are rooted in his endless passion for perfection. Tom Ford is a well-renowned menswear brand that has also expanded into fragrances and men's sunglasses to complete any man's look. Tom Ford sunglasses are reminiscent of Hollywood glamour and have been seen on many well-known celebrities over the years.


Tom Ford sunglasses have been paving their way to success with sophisticated, bold, and elegant classic designs.

Tom Ford Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

There are various types of lens coatings to add to your eyewear. Whether you are looking for protective lens filters, UV protection, or simply cool coloured lenses, you’ll want to consider which is the right fit. 


Tom Ford sunglasses can cater to your every eye need with the latest lens coatings for you to look cool while protecting your vision and glasses. Who wouldn't want a pair of sunglasses that are not just timeless in style but also in looks?


Lens coatings can help provide that long-lasting appearance and allow for better visual clarity. One of these common coatings that Tom Ford sunglasses offer is scratch resistance. If you want extra durability then adding a scratch-resistant coating to your glasses will help prevent your lenses from getting damaged. 


Scratches on your lenses can not only look bad but also add visual discomfort. Tom Ford sunglasses provide impact-resistant and durable frames alongside scratch-resistant and additional protective coatings to the lenses.   


Tom Ford sunglasses adhere to the regulations and safety requirements necessary to provide a fine visual experience by:


1. Complying with EU, the US and Australian safety eyewear requirements 2. PPE ratings that indicate the use of protective lenses against UV light 3. Lenses with strong optical clarity and impact resistance  4. Durable and lightweight frames 


Do remember that lens coatings do not mean your glasses are indestructible, therefore make sure to often clean your eyewear and store them safely when not in use.  

Tom Ford eyewear offers exclusive designs embroidered with sophisticated and innovative styles to which you can add fine coatings to protect your sunglasses and eyes.


What helps transform Tom Ford sunglasses into precious accessories is the quality materials and technology that mirror the glamorous iconic brand. Frames can be made with neat and exceptional metal that is lightweight, enduring, flexible and hypoallergenic, like Titanium frames.


The lenses are embedded with dependable lens materials that vary from polycarbonate to high-Trivex lenses and lens coatings that have blue light blocking and more. 


Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses are the embodiment of exquisite designs handmade in the majestic and charming Italian cities of Firenze and Novara.

Tom Ford sunglasses are worth every penny spent. The bold and sophisticated designs aren’t just chic and high-end classic styles with a hint of modern characteristics. Each pair of sunglasses are made through fine materials with top-quality Italian craftsmanship. 


With Tom Ford eyewear, you’ll always be in style with unique sunglasses that will feel light and comfortable even after hours. The variety of frame styles allows for every face shape to find the right pair to make their facial feature pop every season. 


Time Ford sunglasses can also add particular lenses to go with any occasion. If you love being outdoors, in particular near water or snow, then a pair of polarized Tom Ford sunglasses will make a great match. Polarized sunglasses help reduce glare, when light bounces off flat surfaces, to improve your visual experience on your next adventure. 


Mirrored sunglasses are another great fit that Tom Ford delivers in elegant metal or superb plastic frames. Mirrored lenses have eye-catching reflective lenses that are resistant, block glare, and allow for a brighter visual field. 


Why not go the extra mile and get yourself a pair of trendy Tom Ford prescription sunglasses with any of the previously mentioned lenses. Even luxury eyewear can allow you to see with prescription lenses that help correct single or multiple vision, like progressive lenses


Did you know that Tom Ford sunglasses could also be found in Asian fit? Asian fit sunglasses are a game-changer for those of you who struggle to find a pair of glasses to sit correctly on your face. If you have a low nose bridge, high cheekbones, or a wider face Asian fit eyewear is what you are looking for. 

If you still need some convincing on why Tom Ford sunglasses are worth it then head over to SmartBuyGlasses and virtually try-on the stylish and classic Tom Ford eyewear. No doubt you’ll find your next pair of fashionable and protective sunglasses that you can get straight to your door in no time.