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Cat-eye Glasses

Decades may have passed but cat-eye glasses will continue to persist. The first pair of cat-eye frames date back to the 1930s. It was then that Altina Schinasi took it upon herself to vamp up eyewear with stylish and extravagant frames. 


Inspired by the notable masks worn in Venice, Schinasi created a new frame design that is extremely popular to this day. 


In the 1940s, cat-eye glasses were known as the Harlequin and had distinctive thick frames and rectangular lenses. The corner of the glasses was characterized by gold embellishments. Through the 50s cat-eye glasses grew in popularity and were on the faces of celebrities and the average person. It was during these years that the demand for prescription cat eye glasses increased exponentially. 


It wasn’t till the 60s, thanks to the iconic role played by Audrey Hepburn, that cat-eye sunglasses skyrocketed. Eyewear that just screamed sophistication, elegance, and style with oversized sunglasses in a cat-eye shape that everyone wanted to get their hands on. 


Just goes to show that cat-eye glasses just got bigger, bolder, and ‘badder’. And with the SmartBuyGlasses range of eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, you’re going to want to try them all on.


Cat-eye Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Cat-eye glasses were popular in the past, present, and for sure will be in the future. Since the vintage frame hit the market, they’ve always been up to date with the current trends. 


It was probably during the 50s that cat-eye glasses were tremendously trendy and suited the new look for women. Even luxury eyewear icons like Dior jumped on the wave and produced stylish cat-eye frames. 


The 60s just boosted the frame’s attractiveness even as sunglasses, that many women, from diverse backgrounds, fell in love with. It was a new style that resonated with a sexy, elegant, and free woman. 

The cat-eye frame has been revisited throughout the years and many have created different designs embedding the retro style. 


Firstly, to find the right cat-eye silhouette for you, you have to determine which face you have. Start by standing in front of the mirror, with a bar of soap or lipstick, and outline your face. You’ll see which image resembles closely the outline you’ve drawn: round, oval, square, or even heart-shaped. You can always refer to our face shape guide for reference.


Due to the classic cat-eye frame having angular lines, the retro style is a suitable fit for round or oval faces. With an oval face, you can pretty much style any frame design and with cat-eye sunglasses or eyeglasses, you’d look best with a slightly larger pair - avoid oversized frames. You may find your next pair of prescription cat-eye glasses with Gucci


A round face would also gain contrast from angular cat-eye frames creating a balance between the facial features and glasses. With round glasses you could risk your features looking even more rounder - so why not add some edges. Our Value Collection offers a range of diverse frames you can find in any shape or size, including eye-catching and fun cat-eye frames!


Although cat-eye frames would best suit oval or round faces, this particular frame design can also be found in a rounder shape. This is great news for those who have more angular facial features, like square faces. 


With a square face, you want to go the opposite direction as oval or round faces. Choose cat-eye frame styles with a softer and rounder edge - move away from the boxy look. Keep a smart and elegant look by combining the vintage frames with classic black or tortoiseshell colors. 


There are so many cat-eye glasses that you can browse for men, women, and kids, that not only offer a great pair of glasses but also fine eye protection. 


Why not try vintage cat-eye glasses with our zFORT® Blue light blocking - your office look will never be the same.  

The retro cat-eye glasses are a timeless frame that has taken over many eyewear trends. Love popular clear frame glasses that work well with many skin tones and outfits? 


Well, why not combine the clear glasses trend with a retro-style frame? You’ll for sure faint over a pair of cat-eye clear glasses! A pair to rock as eyeglasses or sunglasses and great for many occasions. It’s a simple yet fashionable look to rock every season. 


Thanks to the versatile frame designs out there, you can find a pair of cat eye glasses to relive a 1940s nostalgic look or modernize your style with a new take on the classic frame. 


So if you want to look your best with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses or eyeglasses then here are a few tips: 


• Choosing the right shape cat-eye glasses for your face. Cat eye glasses can make you stand out with bold lines and prominent colors, the angular features create a fantastic contrast with rounder faces. Why not try out iconic designer cat-eye frames with elegant but daring Prada cat-eye glasses

• Differently to clear frame glasses, cat eye glasses would make you and your look thrive with flashy or toned-down makeup. You can have fun rocking a low-key outfit with minimal makeup or strike out with bold red lipstick combined with the vintage retro cat-eye frames

• Pick the right color and frame material. Looking for a lightweight frame to accessorize with a formal look while keeping the vintage feel? Why not try metal eyeglasses in a cat-eye shape. If instead you’re looking to spice it up with fun and shiny colors have a blast trying on glittery eyeglasses

Wondering how you can try-on cat-eye glasses with your look without having to leave your bedroom mirror for as long as you like? Whack on that red lipstick and virtually try-on all the sunglasses and eyeglasses you want with our Virtual Try-On tool!