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Ray-Ban Eyeglasses



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Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

Look your best with the best-selling designer eyeglasses in the world. Ray Ban continues to innovate with revolutionary eyewear while staying true to its classic designs. Find the perfect pair of Ray Ban glasses that suit your style and look amazing; our huge collection of Ray Ban frames ranges from the iconic Ray Ban Classics to the newest models in Ray Ban’s more modern collection!

We’re confident that you can find a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in our extensive collection that will look great on men, women or kids.


Ray Ban has a rich history dating back to the 1930s; the company was founded in 1936 by a firm called Bausch & Lomb. The brand soon gained notoriety with the launch of its more distinctive styles, the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. Born as a product for military consumers (specifically, for pilots in need of protection from the harsh amounts of sun at high altitudes), Ray Ban worked on these glasses for years. Their second metal frame prototype was launched in 1938, working perfectly without reducing the pilot’s visibility. That second prototype became the dominant design and is the design we all know and love.

Nowadays, Ray Ban glasses are considered a timeless piece of eyewear, ideal for any situation. Through the years, their glasses have been worn by distinct personalities around the world and have become a symbol of self expression.

Ever since the 1930s, Ray Ban has maintained its image and recognition as one of the top eyewear brands in the world, characterized by high quality, performance and comfort, with products for all needs and tastes. Their collection ranges from prescription eyewear to sunglasses; from kids’ specs to adult frames; from acetate to rubber and plastic. In Ray Ban’s near infinite range of products, you’ll surely be able to find your perfect match.

So, what are you waiting for? Wear a part of history and sport, wear your Ray Ban eyeglasses with pride. In our collection of Ray Ban frames, you will definitely be able to find something you love with eyewear designed for a whole load of face shapes and sizes. No matter what your style is, Ray Ban has something that suits you; from casual, to bohemian, to elegant and fancy. 


Our Most Popular Ray Ban Eyeglasses

Ray Ban products can be defined as well known, well defined and well made; all characteristics of a top, top brand that caters to your needs and requirements. It’s a brand that has evolved through time, innovating and adapting to every consumer need and requirement, from materials to colors to shapes. Ray Ban’s frames are popular and have remained a top brand for more than 70 years. Their results speak for themselves; people from all over the world have been (and are still) buying their designs for decades.


Throughout the years, many have tried to replicate these incredible glasses, but no brand has come close to beating the quality of original Ray Ban glasses. The brand’s most popular eyeglasses go beyond just familiarity - think of the iconic Ray Ban Aviator, the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer, Ray Ban Erika or the timeless Ray Ban Clubmaster. Alongside the aforementioned iconic Ray Ban styles, on our site you’ll find some best sellers like the RX3447V, RX7046 or RX7046. These models are a great way to complete your look with that signature high quality that Ray Ban’s designs have.

The Iconic Ray Ban Aviator

As mentioned before, the iconic Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses were originally designed to help pilots in difficult light conditions where the pilots required protection from high-altitude harmful light. At this task, Ray Ban excelled; not only did the glasses protect the pilot’s eyes, but they were comfortable, easy to wear and stylish. As a result, Ray Ban Aviators have become some of the most iconic glasses in the world. The collection and its wide range of options features the original pilot frames design, as well as newer models like these RX6413 frames with a host of different lens options.


The Classic Ray Ban Wayfarer

Ray Ban’s wide range of frames also includes the Ray Ban Wayfarer. These legendary silhouettes will make you stand out with their classic style. This is one of the most popular styles, not just in the Ray Ban collection, but in the history of designer glasses. The Ray Ban wayfarer design introduced in the 1950s was revolutionary with its stylish plastic frame. This iconic and comfortable style has allowed the product to stand up and become a top seller through the years and is considered a classic style.

More than 50 years after its launch, Ray Ban has continued to innovate in their iconic Wayfarer style. Nowadays, Ray Ban lovers can select from the Original with plastic black frame, to Newer designs that include styles in different colors, materials or even the also well-known folding Wayfarers – all of them are fantastic! For further style inspiration, check out these RX5184 specs.


The Timeless Ray Ban Clubmaster

The Ray Ban Clubmaster blends a timeless vintage look with a stylish modern twist. Inspired by the 1950s, their amazing design is a favourite among celebrities and world leaders alike.

The original Eyewear design was perfect for anyone since it allowed consumers to have different lense or frame sizes. Ray Ban realized that the versatility of their product made it perfect for sunglasses - a natural choice, therefore, for the residents of the sun-kissed celebrity hotbeds of California.

The Clubmaster features a single metal bridge, a sturdy 4-barrel hinge, fine details like signature metal elements on the temples and, of course, the Ray Ban logo. 

The timeless Ray Ban Clubmaster are available in classic hues like black, Havana; their frames are also available in a range of colors like black or gold. Ray Ban’s range is so large that they’ll surely have a pair of Clubmaster that will suit you. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect frame, look no further than the RX5154.


The Emblematic Ray Ban Round Collection

The ‘round’ category that Ray Ban offers nowadays can suit almost anyone. Frames in this category include the popular hexagonal, round, oval or even squared frames in a load of materials. This wide variety of frames allows the glasses to carry different lenses suited to your specific eyewear needs.

They’re a great compliment to any look, with different styles for every occasion. Take a look at our options and fall in love with your perfect pair of Ray Bans. Have a look at these Ray Ban RX3447V or RX6392 glasses for some style inspiration!


What are you waiting for? Get your hands on a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses men or Ray Ban sunglasses women now. If you’re still doubting which offer of Ray Ban eyeglasses Canada looks perfect on you, feel free to try them on! Using our revolutionary Virtual Try-On tool, you can see which Ray Ban frames are suited to your look.


Customers at SmartBuyGlasses Canada can experience the perks of ordering sunglasses online. Don’t lose time looking for a Ray Ban sale if we offer you the best price guaranteed,  with FREE shipping, 2 years’ warranty and 100 day returns, you can reap the benefits of a hassle free buying experience tailored to you. Plus shopping for glasses online has never been easier, use our virtual try-on tool and see how your new pair looks on!

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