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Oakley Sunglasses

A strong and leading pioneer in the eyewear industry of protective glasses for everyone. Oakley sunglasses ensure an enhanced visual experience with authentic designs and fine optical technology. 


You can find a wide range of Oakley sunglasses for many outdoor activities loved by even the most iconic athletes. 


If you are looking for sunglasses that can make a great companion for many adventures, Oakley sunglasses are here to stay and provide the perfect eyewear service there is.


Run over to Oakley eyewear and browse among refreshing styles, colours, and designs of sunglasses available for men, women, and children at affordable prices.

Oakley Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Oakley glasses are recognized by the industry and society as one of the best brands for sports and protective eyewear


Here are some of the reasons why:


1. Oakley lens technology has been designed to meet the demand of all sports enthusiasts who look for protective eyewear to enhance performance. An example of this is Oakley Prizm in their sunglasses that allows for high-quality colour enhancement and contrast.  2. Impact resistance in Oakley sunglasses is durable and resists the harshest of impacts, however, obviously don’t step on them.  3. The designs and styles can adapt to various occasions, whether it’s sports or simply a day out in the sun.  4. Wide range of eyewear for women, men, and children, that can be found in a standard fit or Asian fit.


These factors may also affect the cost of Oakley sunglasses but rest assured you’ll be investing in exceptional protective eyewear.

Protective eyewear has evolved for years and many brands in the industry have worked in providing high-quality safety glasses. 


There are regulations in place for safety glasses provided by the ANSI guidelines and have become the industry standard for safety eyewear. 


Oakley sunglasses have been ANSI approved as they meet the standard requirements for impact resistance and visual clarity. Each model of Oakley sunglasses will have indications of the ANSI rating (ANSI Z87.1), so be sure to have a look at the description of your glasses.


Oakley sunglasses can be a great pair of safety glasses when it comes to sports, like cycling sunglasses, skiing goggles, and more. The sunglasses can provide extra protection to both your eyes and vision through:


1. Special protective lens coatings, like UV or polarized sunglasses. 2. Durable and lightweight frame materials that allow for comfort and impact resistance. 


There are various types of safety glasses that you should be sure to check before engaging in particular activities. Oakley sunglasses may not be ideal if you work with hazardous materials but specific safety goggles can be.  

Have you heard the term Asian fit, Omni fit, or low bridge fit but never really understood the meaning?

In short, Asian fit glasses are eyewear specifically designed for particular facial features which are most common in Asian communities. The facial features are a low nose bridge, high cheekbones, and a flatter and wider face.  


This term has been adopted by many eyewear manufacturers who understand that we can’t all fit the same type of glasses. 


The main differences between Oakely standard fit and Asian fit sunglasses are:


1. Nose pads. With Asian fit glasses, the nose pads are larger and longer than the standard fit. These larger nose pads provide additional support and grip if your nose bridge is lower. 2. Shooter lenses. This helps provide extra comfort if you tend to have higher cheekbones. With a shorter lens, you’ll prevent the glasses from constantly touching your face. 3. Curved temples. A wider face with standard fit glasses can cause discomfort at the temple that sits tightly around your face. Asian fit glasses have a more curved shape to avoid the glasses from squeezing. A great frame to highlight a curved shape is wrap-around Oakley sunglasses.


If you are curious to learn more about low bridge fit glasses and why they are a great invention, have a read through our article on What does Asian fit mean. 

Ordering your new pair of Oakley sunglasses online with SmartBuyGlasses is easy, convenient, and fun. 


Convenient because you can browse through endless glasses and sunglasses, from many brands, from the comfort of your bed, couch, or at the dinner table.


If you are shopping for a last-minute holiday or sports event and don’t have time to visit your local opticians, pop over to the Oakley sunglasses page, order your pair of prescription sunglasses, and get it delivered straight to your door.  


It’s easy to order prescription Oakley sunglasses online with just a few clicks: 


1. Choose the pair you like, whether it’s a standard fit, Asian fit, or safety glasses, and buy them with a prescription.  2. Pick the type of vision correction you need: distance, progressive, or reading.  3. The next step is to input your prescription details correctly. If you have a current pair of glasses but can’t remember your prescription you can use our free Lens Scanner app. If you have your prescription you can either upload it or enter the power values manually. 4. This next step is important as you choose the thickness of the lenses and if you’re not too sure as to what lens index to pick read all about it here.   5. Then pick the right lens coating you prefer for Oakley sunglasses: polarized lenses, mirrored, or even transitions. To find out more about lens coatings and tints visit our Optical Center.  6. One more click and get your prescription sunglasses shipped to you for free!


Although ordering your glasses online is easy and convenient, with SmartBuyGlasses it’s also fun! Why not find the right pair of sunglasses by using our Virtual Try-On tool and try-on the Oakley sunglasses you like. Virtually trying-on glasses can save you time and give you an idea of what they will look like on your face.


So SmartBuy with us and order affordable eyewear online through a fun, easy, and convenient experience.