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Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarer glasses have been a revolutionary eyewear style since the 1950s. Never has there been such a sought-after style that has been worn by so many people around the world. But this classic style isn’t limited to sunglasses. At SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find a range of cool and trendy Wayfarer eyeglasses as well.


Wayfarer glasses rocked the eyewear industry with their square frame style and are now available in different materials and fun colours and prints. You can easily add customizable RX lenses with a great pair of wayfarer prescription glasses. You can choose among sturdy thick plastic frames, thin strong titanium, or even wooden wayfarer frames to combine with your prescription lenses.


The popularity of wayfarer glasses frames has transcended generations amongst men, women, and children! Wayfarer glasses continue to appear in films and on the faces of some of the most well-known celebrities around the world! 


Who doesn’t want to be as chic and suave as Beyoncé, David Beckham, Michael Jackson, or Ryan Reynolds? So why not try a pair of Wayfarer glasses, available in a range of comfortable fits, stylish colours, and trendy prints combined with high-quality protective coatings. Combine style and functionality! 


What are wayfarer glasses?

Wayfarer glasses frames are essentially a horizontal square shape whose popularity spiked with Ray-Ban’s Original Wayfarer sunglasses, throughout the 50s and 60s. The top parts of the frame are a bit out and they are mostly flat in the front. 


Although this particular style is highly used as sunglasses, Wayfarer glasses have also gained notice for being a great fit for eyeglasses. 


Wayfarer eyeglasses have every cool aspect of the wayfarer sunglasses, so if you love this style but require RX lenses then why not get a pair of prescription glasses with a wayfarer frame.


Not only can you feel and look great with a pair of wayfarer prescription glasses but you can also make sure your eyes and glasses are protected with high-quality coatings. Let’s take for example classic Ray-Ban wayfarer glasses that you can combine with protective coatings such as anti-scratching or zFORT® blue light blocking


Wayfarer eyeglasses come in many colours and frame styles that allow for these glasses to be a comfortable and cool choice for pretty much most face shapes, skin tones, and outfits. 


Remember, combine style with functionality!


Would Wayfarer glasses suit me?

As for any pair of glasses, the shape of the frame is important if you want to find the right fit for your face shape. Essentially there are 4 face shapes and at SmartbuyGlasses we’ve created a face shape guide for you to always refer back to when choosing a new pair of glasses. 


Wayfarer glasses frames are great for oval and heart face shapes but are not limited to these. Even round and square face shapes can find a great pair of wayfarer glasses to fit their facial features. 


Heart face shapes should look for a classic original wayfarer frame for a great fit, a frame to complement high cheekbones and a narrow jawline. While for an oval-shaped face, wider framed wayfarer glasses would help match the width of your face. 


For a square-shaped face, a more curved pair of wayfarer frames that have more width, like a pair of wayfarer prescription glasses with a semi-rimless frame. Round-shaped faces offer a good contrast to the wayfarer frames and more squared angular frames can help compliment a longer face.  


How should Wayfarers fit?

When you look for glasses keep in mind that the size of the frame is also important for the glasses to sit correctly on your face. 


Yes, even glasses have various frame sizes, but not the usual S, M, or L. Usually, you can find the size on the inside of the temple of your current glasses, or measure it yourself. If you don’t have the correct measurements you can refer to SmartBuyGlasses helpful guide on frame size.


Let’s say you have a current pair of glasses and you want to find a new pair of wayfarer glasses with your current size, start by looking at the inside of the temple. The first is the lens diameter which can be determined by the type of frame and the RX lenses. The second number is the bridge width (the gap between your nose and the bridge), it shouldn’t be too tight on your face. The third measurement is the length of the arms of the frames. 


Many wayfarers have adjustable temples, so if any small adjustments are needed the temples can be fiddled with. The temples should be perpendicular to the lenses so that they sit correctly on your face as your eyes also need to be centred correctly with the lens. 


Wayfarer glasses shouldn’t sit tightly on your face or cause any pressure but the glasses also shouldn’t be too loose as to fall off your face when you lean over.


Calling all wanna-be movies stars

As established, wayfarer glasses have dominated the eyewear industry for a long time and are a timeless trend everyone will enjoy in the years to come. 


Whether it's a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarer glasses or sunglasses or any wayfarer frame brand, with SmartBuyGlasses you’ll never get bored of browsing through the endless styles and colours that wayfarer glasses have to offer. 


There’s more. If your cart is filled with different wayfarer glasses you like and think would fit perfectly, why not try them on and have fun changing up your look for free with our virtual try-on tool! You can fit your favourite glasses on from the comfort of your bed, maybe you’ll find more than one pair that are great and treat yourself. 

If you’d like to find out more on different types of frames, styles, and eyewear fashion advice then pop over to SmartBuyGlasses blog and read through creative and fun eyewear trends.