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Tom Ford Glasses

Tom Ford shows his passion for fashion through elegant and sophisticated menswear and womenswear, from polished suits, classy and fashionable items, ready-to-wear clothing to classic accessories, such as Tom Ford Glasses.


From Austen, Texas, to the most fashionable and famous streets in the world, Tom Ford founded what we now know today as a luxury brand for both men and women. He started his journey with the well-known Italian brand Gucci. After years of creative and iconic work, he announced the creation of the Tom Ford brand in 2005. With over 90 freestanding and shop-in-shops globally, the Tom Ford brand has washed over the streets of Milan, Las Vegas, Dubai, and more. 


Tom Ford has even pursued a career in the movie business and has been recognized with many awards for both his eye for fashion and entertainment.  


He even has his own film company. I mean what doesn’t he do?


He began his partnership with the Marcolin Group to produce and distribute optical eyewear. This has given space to a variety of high-quality eyewear for every face shape, with authentic designs to give you a classy and elegant look. Many glasses are made from metal or acetate and offer frames that range from retro styles, like cat-eye glasses, to timeless and classic styles such as pilot eyeglasses.

Tom Ford Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Tom Ford’s flagship store is located in the modern and thrilling New York City, so if you happen to find yourself wandering the streets of the Big Apple you might want to pop in. You’ll find many of his iconic and stylish designs for men and women. 


If you don’t happen to find yourself in New York, any big city around the world will do. You’ll find Tom Ford’s clothing lines and accessories in 98 freestanding stores, in cities like Milan or Dubai, alongside many shop-in-shops, like in high-end shopping centres. 


But if you are looking for an easy and quick way to shop for Tom Ford glasses, why not try buying Tom Ford prescription glasses online? 


At SmartBuyGlasses we offer a range of Tom Ford eyewear for you to browse through at home, the office, Starbucks, anywhere, anytime. Tom Ford prescription glasses have a range of stylish frame shapes in many colours and styles which you also combine with great high-quality filters and coatings, for full glasses and eye protection. 


Whether you are a renowned glasses wearer or purchasing a pair for the first time, the buying process with SmartBuyGlasses online has been made easy and quick. The first step, after having an eye test at the opticians, is to find a pair of trendy, classic or retro Tom Ford glasses frames that will look great on you. Then you’ll need to choose the type of lenses you need, here you can also add on protective coatings. 


Do you spend many hours in front of digital devices? Then a pair of Tom Ford blue light glasses are a great fit! Blue Light Blocking is very effective and helps protect your eyes from the harmful rays emitted by digital devices. 


Once you’ve picked your frames and lenses, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be rocking your new pair of Tom Ford glasses!

The short answer is yes. As we’ve previously mentioned, you can pick RX lenses to go with your Tom Ford glasses frame, even online. 


Tom Ford eyewear offers an extensive line of fashionable and comfortable glasses that can be fitted with sunglasses lenses and prescription lenses. 


Whether you decide to go to a local eyewear retail store or shop online, you’ll find Tom Ford glasses for pretty much any visual impairments you may have. At SmartBuyGlasses Tom Ford eyeglasses can be combined with RX lenses to help correct myopia, hyperopia, or even multiple distances in one, like progressive lenses.


We’ve also talked about Tom Ford blue light glasses which are a great fit if your work involves many hours in front of a computer. Blue light blocking will help reduce eye strain and allow for better sleep. 


If you are looking to buy a pair of Tom Ford prescription glasses but can’t remember your prescription, no fear. With our free Lens Scanner app, you’ll be able to find your prescription details from your current pair of glasses. Download the app, scan your lenses and get the details straight to the app on your phone or computer.  

Tom Ford is a luxury brand that reaches into different fashion sectors, from clothes to accessories. A brand that focuses on delivering high-quality standards and products.  


And for years now Tom Ford has been working towards delivering not just products but experiences through luxury items that are also sustainable for the planet. 


The majority of Tom Ford’s clothing lines and accessories are made in Italy, while for example some sunglasses are made in Japan and some sunglasses cases are made in China. 


When looking at Tom Ford glasses online you can find details of the product in the description box and the majority of the time you’ll find where the glasses have been manufactured.   

So how do you know that the pair of Tom Ford glasses you are wearing or about to buy are authentic?


There are a few points you can go over to assure that you have or going to purchase Tom Ford eyewear: 


• All Tom Ford glasses will come in a Tom Ford branded box. The font and logo should match the official brand.  • Check to see that the manufacturing labels on the box match your glasses or sunglasses. • In the top left corner of the lenses, you’ll see the words, Tom Ford.  • On the tips of the temples, there are metal plaques with the Tom Ford brand name engraved. • On the inside of the temple, towards the end, you’ll see the serial number that should correspond to the product purchase.  • On the inside of the left arm, you should also see the inscriptions of the product details: style, model, colour, and measurements. • On the inside of the right arm, you’ll find the brand name, manufacturing location and CE stamp, that will confirm this product is in compliance.  • All the relevant paperwork that comes with Tom Ford products should bear the Marcolin name.

All eyewear purchased with SmartBuyGlasses is 100% authentic and is delivered with the original packaging. Plus, enjoy free shipping, free 1.5 lenses for Tom Ford glasses, a 2-year warranty, and the best price guarantee when you shop with us.