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    Pilot Sunglasses


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    Pilot Sunglasses

    You may encounter pilot sunglasses and wonder whether they are for pilots or just a frame style. Stick around to explore a range of pilot sunglasses that allows anyone to rock a classic aviator look from your favourite brands. With SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll be updated with the latest trends to find what you love and get quality eyewear for the whole family. Let’s see what pilot sunglasses are.


    What are pilot sunglasses?

    Anyone can wear pilot sunglasses, not just pilots. The name refers to the resemblance of the classic Ray-Ban Aviators designed for pilots. Although pilot and aviator frames were first used to help shield pilots’ eyes, the frame style has become popular among men, women and kids.  


    Pilot sunglasses are available in any single vision or multifocal prescription to which you can combine quality lenses, such as polarized lenses. Pilot frames have been modernized and changed from the classic tear-drop style, allowing for more diverse shapes. You can rock a pair of square or round pilot sunglasses to change your look yet have a timeless style. 


    We love the range of pilot sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana that mixes elegance and style into fashionable eyewear. Why not try them on with our Virtual Try-On and see for yourself? 


    So what is the main difference between pilot and aviator eyewear? 


    What’s the difference between aviators and pilot sunglasses?

    There isn’t any significant difference between pilot sunglasses and aviators other than the name. Yes, you can also have diverse frame shapes, but they are similar. 


    Both frames can have a tear-drop shape and are available as prescription glasses. The main aspect to remember is that some brands use the name pilot because aviators are exclusive to Ray-Ban. Nevertheless, under both names you’ll find various trendy designs with lively colors and protective lenses.


    Whether it’s pilot sunglasses or aviators, are you still curious about what pilots wear?


    What sunglasses do pilots wear?

    Pilots benefit from a pair of quality sunglasses because they look cool and shield their eyes from UV rays. The best sunglasses’ features for pilots are:


    1. Quality, 100% UV protection

    2. Non-polarized lenses, as this may affect their vision while looking at the cockpit display

    3. Block harsh and bright lights that may affect the pilot’s vision

    4. Fit comfortably and have the correct frame size


    Whether you’re a pilot or not, superior eye protection is essential, so why not try trendy pilot sunglasses and take off with SmartBuyGlasses!