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    Round Sunglasses


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    Round Sunglasses

    Round sunglasses are a timeless shape that has stayed mainstream for years. We can thank icons such as John Lennon for making round sunglasses trendy back in the ‘60s. 


    Round frame sunglasses flatter most face shapes, so you can try out different colors, frame materials and designs. If you love bold sunglasses, have a look at our full-rim sunglasses to find a pair of thick frames that stand out. 


    You can also opt for round polarized sunglasses and choose different color lenses that make you look cool while protecting your eyes from annoying glare. 


    At SmartBuyGlasses you can explore a range of brands that have trendy round sunglasses to give you a unique look and feel extra stylish any day. 


    So, why not try a pair of cool round sunglasses to change up your look?


    Are round sunglasses cool?

    Round frames are very popular among younger generations. Nevertheless, anyone who rocks a pair of round sunglasses is bound to look cool. 


    So in short, yes, round sunglasses are cool and you’ll look stylish wearing them. You can have fun with diverse coloured lenses that will show off your lively personality, or opt for a classic colour for an easygoing mood. 


    If you prefer a subtle style, Ray-Ban round sunglasses are just for you. With iconic metal thin frames, Ray-Ban shades give a delicate look that works perfectly for any occasion. 


    Looking for everyday eyewear for less? Our SmartBuy Collection has sleek round sunglasses in a variety of styles and colours for you to match your look for less! 


    Who can wear round sunglasses?

    With various styles of round frames, it’s easy to find a pair you’ll love. If you’re looking for a dramatic effect, try out round oversized sunglasses from Giorgio Armani. Oversized sunglasses can fit many face shapes, even with a round frame. 


    Generally, round glasses or sunglasses best suit faces with opposite features, so if you have a more square or rectangular face, round frames will work. 


    Rounder faces and round frames aren’t always the best match, but thanks to diverse round styles, you may be lucky to find a pair for you. You can try geometric sunglasses that mix both smooth round curves with sharp angles. 


    Heart-shaped faces would look great in a pair of round sunglasses, as this face shape suits many styles. If you're looking for a lively color to go with round frames, why not try fun and vibrant orange or yellow frames. 


    Whether or not round sunglasses are your perfect fit, you can always virtually try on a pair to see how they look. 


    Where to get round sunglasses?

    Check out hundreds of round sunglasses from designer brands such as Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Arise Collective


    We make it fun and easy to buy glasses online! With SmartBuyGlasses, you are sure to find the perfect pair to suit your unique style. 


    You can combine any prescription with your round sunglasses and upgrade your lenses with protective filters such as mirrored lenses


    Shop with us today to get your next great pair of trendy eyewear!