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Spy Sunglasses

Are you thinking of trying skiing or another extreme sport? With Spy Sunglasses, you can expect a first-class experience that you’ll remember for a long time after the season has finished. The frames are made with top quality materials to perform well under the harshest conditions. Spy was established in 1994 as an independent brand based in California. They are a group of fun-loving athletes and artists who are strongly committed to delivering top of the range optical products.


Spy Sunglasses for any activity


When it comes to Spy Sunglasses Canada, the Spy Cyrus frames are top of the list. They include the patented Happy Lens™ which enhances color and contrast, increases clarity, and improves mood and alertness. They also come with Trident™ polarization that eliminates reflective light, known as glare. This is particularly useful for snow or water sports.


Spy Sunglasses for Men


For a trendy and chic look, make a statement with the full rimmed Spy Flynn Sunglasses. The polycarbonate frame material will keep them sitting comfortably for years to come, with minimal signs of wear and tear. They equally feature the innovative Happy™ lens from Spy Sunglasses.


Spy Sunglasses for Women


For a slightly more feminine touch, take a look at these oversized Fiona Spy Sunglasses. The brown rims ooze elegance while the blue gives you an eye-catching pop of color. Plus, the frame arms twist at the temples to show off your exquisite taste in eyewear. They are also made from polycarbonate to make them durable even when practising sports. 


Shop with SmartBuyGlasses


For cheap Spy Sunglasses, head to our deals page. SmartBuyGlasses also offers unbeatable prices, a two year warranty and a hundred day returns policy. You will also find friendly and courteous customer service, including a certified online optician for any queries or questions.