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    Baseball Sunglasses


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    Baseball Sunglasses

    Gear up with quality baseball sunglasses and your cool baseball cap for a winning streak. Yes, you can wear your sunglasses to help protect your vision and enhance the colors around you so you won't miss the ball. Explore a range of trendy yet practical sunglasses for baseball, no matter your level. Kids can benefit from shielding their eyes as they become the next pro player. 


    Let's explore why baseball players wear sunglasses and which are the best to rock on the field. 


    Do baseball players wear sunglasses?

    You can benefit from wearing sunglasses during a game, whether you're just starting or a professional. Baseball sunglasses are allowed in more minor leagues and pro matches. Although it is permitted, you won't see many professionals wear baseball sunglasses. 


    Generally, sunglasses with lighter lenses and specific lens technology, such as Oakley PRIZM, help the pitcher or umpire see better. You can wear sunglasses as long as the sunglasses do not distract or hinder your vision. 


    Lens coatings such as mirrored lenses or dark lenses are two types that can cause distraction. So what are the best sunglasses for baseball?


    What are the best sunglasses for baseball players?

    What should you look for when buying a pair of baseball sunglasses?


    1. Coverage

    2. Comfortable fit

    3. Grip 

    4. Color-enhancing lenses


    When you are choosing the frame, go for something lightweight. The last thing you want is a heavy pair of sunglasses weighing on your face while trying to focus on the field. You'll also sweat and move a lot, so a good grip is essential to avoid your sunglasses slipping. You can get prescription sunglasses with rubber grips on the temples for that firm fit, such as Under Armour sunglasses


    As the day goes by, so does the sun, which is why you want sunglasses that provide full coverage. If the sun hits you in diverse directions throughout the day, then frames such as wraparound frames help. 


    Contrast enchanting lenses go a long way when playing certain sports, as they boost color and your depth perception. Dark lenses cause distraction but also tend to darken your surroundings making colors less vibrant. You could even test photochromic lenses that adapt to the light changes while you play, maybe towards the evening time.


    Can polarized lenses also be a good option for baseball? Not really. Polarized sunglasses are an excellent fit for every use when exposed to a lot of glare. So for baseball, there isn't much benefit to using polarized lenses. If you need prescription sunglasses, many sports sunglasses will allow you to add your prescription. You can use clear lenses at nighttime to see better and protect your eyes. 


    But baseball players also wear hats, so how do your sunglasses fit comfortably?


    How to wear sunglasses with a baseball hat

    The shape of the temples' can affect how you wear your hat. The grip of the baseball sunglasses around your temples should be comfortable and allow the specs to sit tightly (not too tight) on your face. Your baseball cap shouldn't hit the arms of your sunglasses. 


    If your baseball sunglasses sit very high, you may risk the frames hitting against the edges of your cap. So a more curved lens such as wraparounds or rectangle frames may do the trick. You should also consider nose pads, if any, sitting comfortably on the bridge of your nose and not slipping. If you tend to overheat and sweat a lot, a firm nose pad can prevent the sunglasses from slipping. Oakley sunglasses for baseball tick most of these aspects and fit pretty well with baseball caps, alongside brands such as Bolle or Nike

    So are you ready to win the game while showing off the new baseball sunglasses you got online with SmartBuyGlasses?