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    Square Glasses

    You may think that square glasses are just an ordinary style. You’re not (entirely) wrong, but today’s eyeglasses trends go beyond regular fashion to bring you new and improved designs.   


    Square glasses are a great match for men, women, and kids of all ages. The angular features of square frames have strong edges and a sturdy contour. 


    Opting for larger square frames with vivid colors can brighten your day and make you feel chic. We have the perfect frames to achieve this with SmartBuy BE BOLD. For a more simple yet sophisticated look, Arise Collective offers square glasses with fine metal frames and classic black, brown, or tortoise colors. 


    You’ll find that the most basic square glasses frame can be upgraded with a few simple clicks by adding advanced lens technology such as zFORT® blue light glasses or opting for snazzy wooden eyeglasses


    But who do square frames suit the most, and are they still in style?


    What face shape suits square eyeglasses?

    Although it is not an exact science, knowing your face shape can help determine which glasses and sunglasses frames will best suit you.


    Square plus square equals highly accentuated angular features that you may not want to draw attention to. Therefore, if you have a square face, square glasses may not be the ideal frame to complement your facial features. Instead, try round glasses that can contrast and smoothen your square face features. 


    Square glasses help create a balance between a round or oval face with the sharp angular edges of the frames. 


    Bold and exaggerated frames aren’t your style? Try a more subtle frame to create contrast by taking a look at some of our mens’ square glasses from high-end brands such as Tom Ford. You can even combine subtle metal glasses with class and color with Chloe's square glasses


    With a versatile collection of quality and affordable square glasses, we can assure you that the square frames offered at SmartBuyGlasses are far from average. 


    Are square glasses in style?

    Yes, and they will continue to be in style for as long as eyewear trends develop. Classic frame styles are timeless and can be vamped up with the latest fashion for everyone to enjoy. 

    Square glasses feature various designs, materials, and colors to match anyone’s personality and prescription. You wouldn’t pass on the chance to rock a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, so it’s hard to say that square glasses will ever go out of style.