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Value Collection Glasses

Looking for new glasses online? Well, you’re at the right place! SmartBuyGlasses’ value collection offers some of the best glasses frames that are high on style as well as affordability. If you’ve been wondering how to order glasses online, you’ll be happy to know that at SmartBuyGlasses, we’ve made eyewear shopping as easy as ABC! Our low-cost high-value brands like SmartBuy Collection, Arise Collective, Oh My Woodness!, SmartBuy Kids and SmartBuy Readers are bound to end your search for stylish affordable eyewear once and for all, and with our easy-to-use shopping tools, you’re able to shop socially distanced, safe and in style! All glasses online Canada come with a 24-month warranty, 100-day hassle-free returns and free shipping! We also have the best price guarantee for you to get the best value possible, with SmartBuyGlasses Canada, so you will never need to go to a physical store again.


SmartBuy Collection


Discover SmartBuy Collection- the largest variety online for glasses online Canada. With over 1500 frames spread over 7 exciting collections, buying glasses online has never been more fun! Glasses frames start at as low as C$24- allowing you to express yourself in different ways every day of the week! The frames are made of top-notch materials, guaranteeing durability and timeless style no matter what your taste is. From clear glasses to tortoise-shell and pastel shades, we have flattering styles for men & women, kids, and teens! SmartBuy Collection glasses are the best affordable frames out there! SmartBuy Collection is supporting World Vision’s Mother & Child Program in Zambia, which aims to reach more than 40,000 mothers and children over the next three years with life-saving interventions. 


Arise Collective


Arise Collective is a modern eyewear brand with the vision of promoting a better world. With designs for both men and women, Arise Collective glasses frames are handcrafted from the most premium materials in Italy such as acetate, titanium, metal and plastic. They effortlessly channel the look and feel of designer eyewear without the hefty price tag. Many of the brand’s frames come with blue light protection coatings and can also be tried on virtually before buying your next gorgeous frames. Arise Collective is a partner of 1% for the Planet- supporting associated environmental non-profit organizations by pledging 1% of revenue from sales towards this cause.


Oh My Woodness!


Oh My Woodness! is a premium eyewear brand, well known for its wooden glasses and association with social projects that impact the environment positively. These ecologically friendly frames are naturally tough and durable. Also, since the material is natural and made from wood and bamboo, you’ll know that your frame is completely unique. All of Oh My Woodness! products come with FREE prescription lenses with anti-scratch and anti-glare coating.

Every pair of wooden frames that you purchase from the collection will help tree planting initiatives in Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal, helping combat deforestation in these regions, and providing essential resources to vulnerable communities residing in the most affected regions. Thanks to the partnership with Eden Project, the brand supports tree planting and invests in communities in some of the most impoverished areas of the world.


SmartBuy Kids


Why should grown-ups have all the fun? SmartBuy Kids is ideal for kids as young as 2 up to teenagers. With SmartBuy Kids, you’re all set to elevate your kids’ looks. All frames are designed to perfection and built to last. You will find affordable kids glasses online in a range of bright colours as well as in a range of classic styles, including square, oval, and wraparound frames. All the glasses are of high quality and built to last through nearly anything. Now with all the e-learning, eye strain comes as an inevitable devil. This is where blue light protection comes in. Add SmartBuyGlasses’ zFORT® blue light block to protect your children’s precious eyes from premature eye damage. SmartBuy Kids has pledged a portion of each sale from their collection, purchased on smartbuyglasses.ca. The SmartBuy Kids goal is to do the most we can to provide quality glasses to our customers and build opportunities for success in the world we live in.


SmartBuy Readers


Reading glasses are the best pick if you have presbyopia. Around the age of 40, our eyes’ lenses begin to get stiff and lose the flexibility with which they focus on objects, This is when vision gets unclear, results in headaches or eye strain- all symptoms of presbyopia. SmartBuy Readers is an exclusive collection that was launched in 2018, for the benefit of our customers above the age of 40 who could use an extra boost of magnification in their everyday life. The well-thought-out and sturdy specs are affordable and come with ready-made prescription lenses- choose from +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00 and +3.50 levels of magnification. We have partnered with World Vision for this collection and it allows us to give back to the women and children in Zambia. Buy reading glasses online Canada now with SmartBuy Readers.


Safety Goggles


Safety goggles are great ways to protect your eyes from splashes, and droplets. Safety goggles at SmartBuyGlasses Canada come with full-spectrum eye protection to avoid harmful substances, that can potentially damage your vision or eye health. With the COVID-19 pandemic, safety goggles help ensure optimal eye health, no matter where you go.


Virtual Try-On

With SmartBuyGlasses' Virtual Try-On tool, you can try glasses on virtually! Choose from thousands of frames and see how you look before you buy.


Free Lens Scanner App

How can shopping for prescription glasses online be made easy? With our free Lens Scanner app, of course! Quickly and easily find your prescription details from your current pair of glasses.

So how to order glasses online? Once you’ve selected your favourite frames, head to the checkout, enter your prescription details. If you don’t have them at hand, no worries! You can email them to us later, or ask our opticians to clear any doubts! Then, select your preferred lens index or lens thickness, and any coatings to supercharge your spectacles! We recommend adding our zFORT® blue light blocking coating. It’s perfect for anybody given all the screen time we are exposed to these days. Shop now!