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Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The History of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is an eyewear manufacturer founded in 1936 by the company Bausch & Lomb. Through the years, the brand has always been at the forefront of eyewear technology. In 1999, the company sold the brand to an Italian company, the Luxottica Group. Ray-Ban sunglasses' well-known brand reputation dates back to the 1930s when the brand launched its iconic Aviator line. 

The Ray-Ban Aviator model was intended to cover the needs of pilots who needed protection from high-altitude, high-intensity light while flying. The first model launched for the previously mentioned purpose is not the design that we all know. In fact the first design’s frame was made up solely of plastic. It was in 1938 that Ray-Ban launched the design that had a darker tint on the exterior part of the lens.

This allowed pilots to have protection from UV rays without compromising their visibility. Nowadays, the model is well-known, popular and suitable for all face shapes. You can find this model in a huge range of different materials, shapes and colors - with Ray-Ban sunglasses, there really is something for everyone.

As Ray-Ban sunglasses have become more and more popular, the brand continues to innovate with their materials and designs. They are constantly introducing new models and frames that go beyond and advance their iconic models. This has allowed Ray-Ban to evolve through the years, keeping their status as fan favorites around the globe. All Ray-Bans display several characteristics that make the brand so popular - not only because of their amazing design, but also because of their legendary durability, versatility and quality.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are world-renowned for their timelessness. After all, it’s their most classic, iconic designs which attract praise worldwide. Much of their reputation was gained during the 50s when many Hollywood actors started to sport Ray-Ban sunglasses. It’s just one reason Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are so coveted; they’ve been a Hollywood staple since their inception. Some more of Ray-Ban's most popular models are the Ray-Ban Aviator, Ray-Ban Wayfarer and the Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses, like these RB3016 shades. Classic Ray-Bans have a notoriously high-profile fan base and have been worn by VIPs all around the world.

With the wide range of models that Ray-Ban offers, there are bound to be Ray-Ban sunglasses for anyone’s taste! Through our partnership with Luxottica, SmartBuyGlasses stocks hundreds of Ray-Ban frames, so you can look on point, whatever the weather. Through the years, Ray-Ban has established itself as a brand that has ridden the wave of cultural change and has become a symbol of individuality, fashion and self-expression.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Women

Ray-Ban sunglasses for women are some of the most instantly recognizable sunglasses in the world, coming in various colors; there’s a pair for every taste and style. You can also find Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses for all vision impairments like myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. For style inspiration check out the RB4165 Justin sunglasses and RB3025 aviators.

Throughout the last 70 years, there have been a myriad of iconic wardrobes, outfits and fashion statements that have included Ray-Bans. Jackie Kennedy was enough of a style icon to warrant a whole range of Ray-Ban sunglasses being named after her: Jackie Ohh sunglasses. While tortoise, black and grey are the classiest colors in this range, they’re also available in other shades to suit your personality. Another favorite among women who want to look stylish is the Ray-Ban Erika line, which comes with a variety of lenses and frame colors. Check out the amazing Erika RB4171 and choose from over 10 different frame colors!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

SmartBuyGlasses offers some of the best Ray-Ban sunglasses for men on the internet. There is a huge variety of frames, lenses and colors to choose from, so you can be sure to find something to suit your style. Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses or Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are always on trend, but the wide range of models also includes designs in various lens and frame colors that will perfectly complement your look. If you want to improve your vision on bright days, check out these Ray-Ban Aviator polarized sunglasses that we highly recommend: RB2140F and RB3447

We are confident that in our wide range of cool Ray-Bans you’ll find the best sunglasses for you. On our website you can find polarized Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Aviators, or just any style you like!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Unisex

Undoubtedly one of the reasons Ray-Ban sunglasses are so popular is that they are first and foremost the best selling sunglasses for men. However, their popularity does not cease there. Ray-Ban frames are so versatile that they can be worn by practically anyone. It’s one of the reasons why Ray-Ban sunglasses for women are also an excellent choice. For instance, a classic frame of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses with polarized lenses can be a perfect pair of Ray-Bans for anyone. Additionally, the aviators are made with metal frames. This means these sunglasses are durable and made to last for a long time. 

Another popular model for both men and women are the Ray Ban round sunglasses. They incorporate fashion, comfort, and durability all in one. You can find them in a wide range of colors, including the iconic black round metal Ray-Bans. The round shape lends these glasses a retro style that never goes out of fashion. The lenses are made of crystal, and will give you maximum protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays. The temples are incredibly thin and light weight. They are also coated in plastic to ensure that they do not slip off, or irritate the back of your ears. The Ray-Ban round sunglasses feature adjustable nose pads too. This allows the wearer to make the most of fun days at the beach, without worrying about sunglasses slipping off. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are flexible hinges to guarantee a perfect fit, for both men and women alike. 

On the whole, Ray-Ban offers amazing products for everyone, and their styles add a whole new element to any outfit. 

Ray-Ban Kids Sunglasses

This brand doesn’t forget the little ones, that’s for sure. After all, they’ve got a whole dedicated range of Ray-Ban kids sunglasses. Thanks to the sunglasses being incredibly lightweight, these frames are absolutely brilliant for children. Additionally, Ray-Ban children’s sunglasses ensure 100% protection from the sun, both UVA and UVB rays alike. One of the best things about the Ray-Ban kids collection is that they are offered the same popular and iconic models as the adults. This means that children can match their parents with a pair of stylish Ray-Ban RJ9506S Aviators, the Ray-Ban RJ9050S Clubmaster sunglasses, or Ray-Ban RJ9537S round sunglasses, all in junior sizes. 

Buy Ray-Ban Sunglasses Online with SmartBuyGlasses

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your pair of Ray-Bans right here, right now. With SmartBuyGlasses Canada, you can use our revolutionary Virtual Try-On tool to check out how these shades look on your face - without having to go out hunting around town for a particular model. Once you’ve found the best Ray-Ban sunglasses for you, take advantage of our FREE shipping and remember you can enjoy a 24 month warranty, 100 day returns and our best price guarantee!

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