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Women's Sunglasses

Excited to find trendy sunglasses for women among many different designer brands to style your every look? 


Sunglasses are a great accessory to spice up your style on any occasion, whether you decide to go hiking, attend your best friend’s wedding, or lay on a white sandy beach - sunglasses can help protect your eyes but don’t forget your sunscreen. 


We all love when the sun is out and being able to enjoy our day as we wack on a pair of fancy and practical sunglasses to protect our eyes. Find thousands of sunglasses for women with SmartBuyGlasses, add prescription lenses and have fun choosing between the different colour lenses. In case you've forgotten or lost your prescription, use the free Lens Scanner app to find your prescription details from your current pair of glasses. 


You’ll have fun browsing through stylish frames, fun colours, and unique designs as you try them on using the Virtual Try-On tool. 


Let’s get shopping!

Women's Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to find the right sunglasses then you’ve come to the right place. There are various factors to consider when choosing non-prescription or prescription sunglasses. Are you more concerned about finding the right sunglasses that offer great eye protection? Do you just want a trendy pair that suits you and your style?


If you are looking to find sunglasses for women based on fashion but also functionality then you want to read through our guide. You’ll want to look for sunglasses with UV protection, otherwise, you’ll be squinting your way throughout your holiday. UV protection won’t only make you look good in photos but will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of light. You may also want to add on glare protection if you are an adventurous soul that enjoys being outdoors. The sensei of glasses that help protect your vision from the blinding glare are polarized sunglasses. The polarized lenses help enhance visual clarity and contrasts while adding extra protection for your vision.  


You can find out more about the different lens coatings that offer great visual clarity and protect your eyes. 


Maybe you’ve seen a pair of stylish sunglasses on a celebrity or your next-door neighbour and thought to yourself ‘I’ve got to get me a pair.’ Before you go on a shopping spree to look like the next Beyoncé or Kardashian, see whether or not the frame shape suits your face. With our face shape guide, you’ll find which frames make your facial features pop and compliment your face.


Pilot frames are great for square faces as they create contrast and balance out your angular features. Why not indulge in a pair of classy and casual Oh My Woodness! pilot sunglasses, with polarized lenses, to show your support for a better world. How you may say? Every time a pair of Oh My Woodness! glasses are purchased and a tree is planted through the Eden Reforestation Project.  


With a round face, you can benefit from more angular frames that don’t add too much roundness to your facial features. Square frames are a cool match if you love classic Ray-Ban square sunglasses, be timeless and always in style.


Many brands with SmartBuyGlasses can have protective coatings added to any lens. So why not have 2 in 1 with functional and fashionable sunglasses all year round.  

Remember you can have it all - functionality and style. These are just some of the many sunglasses for women that have taken over the eyewear scene and made all the ladies out there even more fabulous. 


It’s rectangle season with fun and colourful rectangle sunglasses that you can style for pretty much any occasion! If you are the drama and live for jaw-dropping moments then why not pair your look with Prada rectangle sunglasses embedded with the iconic triangle. 


Who hasn’t been experimenting with shapes to create a refreshing take on modern eyewear? Well, here are geometrical sunglasses that everyone is loving. Popular because they are different, fun, bold, and swanky. Even high-end brands such as Tom Ford and Emporio Armani have created new sunglasses designs that can’t help but ‘geometrically’ fit many faces. 


Classic round sunglasses have been around since the beginning of time (well close) and have sat on the faces of iconic figures throughout history. Round sunglasses are an effortless pair of glasses that can come in different styles, materials, and colours. You can take yourself back in time with funky round sunglasses with a modern touch of mirrored lenses - another great lens that can help protect your eyes. Read more about the positive impacts of wearing mirrored lenses here.