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Polarized Sunglasses

In the early 1900s, a new type of protective lens was invented and the first pair of polarized sunglasses were made. So, what are the main aspects we look at when we consider buying a pair of sunglasses? 


Sunglasses main function is to protect our eyes from harmful rays emitted by the sun and help us squint less and allow us to visually enjoy bright summer days. 


When looking at the product details for sunglasses we usually check to see if the lenses have UV protection. UV rays reflect light from the surfaces around us and if exposed to this for a long amount of time it could cause short or long-term eye damage. Always take into consideration that UV400 protection is a great fit for sunglasses. 


However, certain surfaces, like water, snow, or asphalt not only reflect UV rays but also hazardous glare. A simple UV filter may not be enough and that is why polarized sunglasses have become a great choice for any outdoor adventure.

Polarized Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Polarization is when light waves oscillate in different directions as they move through space. When light is reflected off a perfectly horizontal surface, it mostly gets horizontally polarized. While the light emitted by the sun is unpolarized and scatters in different directions as it bounces off uneven surfaces. 


Polarized lenses have a special coating that lines up in horizontal rows across the lens. These molecules absorb polarized light before reaching your eyes. 


Essentially polarized sunglasses possess an anti-glare filter that protects your eyes from harmful glare produced by polarized light hitting a flat surface.  


This anti-glare filter is the main difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses. Although depending on the use for polarized lenses, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better for your eyes. The main aspect is the visual quality it offers. Polarized sunglasses help protect your eyes from direct light and light reflection for a clearer vision outdoors. 

If you enjoy outdoor activities, like fishing or skiing, or spend most of your time on a busy road on shiny asphalt you may want to consider a pair of polarized sunglasses. 


If you love fishing and being near water, there are great benefits to purchasing a pair of polarized fishing sunglasses. Light will reflect and bounce back from the water’s surface, creating glare that may disturb and damage your eyes if constant. So why not enjoy a great day of fishing while protecting your eyes?! Capture that moment with a big fish in hand as you wear a cool pair of protective polarized sunglasses and a big smile. 


In case you prefer an adventurous day out in the snow skiing down Mont Tremblant, you may want to consider a pair of polarized ski goggles. Polarized light also reflects off snow and produces harmful glare that may ruin your day down the slope. 


While on the road to the office or on a fun road trip across the country, you want your vision to be as clear as possible. It just takes a second for your vision to be disturbed by external factors, including a lovely sunny day. Polarized sunglasses can also make a great fit for driving sunglasses as the anti-glare coating helps block out light and allow for a safer drive.


Any activities that take you outdoors around flat surfaces on a bright sunny day should be accompanied by a pair of polarized sunglasses.

How do polarized sunglasses work?

As mentioned, polarized lenses help reduce and stop the penetration of harmful glare and light into your eyes. 


So when light hits a flat surface, like water, asphalt or even glass and metal, it bounces back causing blur. While normal lenses protect from UV rays, they will not filter glare. That’s where polarized sunglasses come into play, the particular coating will filter out the glare, eliminate horizontal lights, and allow for a clear vision. 


This particular coating will also allow for increased clarity and enhance contrast, as they make colours appear more vibrant. They can help ease eye strain if you spend long hours outdoors in the sun. 


How can I tell if sunglasses are polarized?

The simplest answer is to check the product’s description and search for polarized lenses. But in case you have a random pair of sunglasses lying around and want to know for sure there are a few ways to test: 


Take them for a test run by a flat surface and if you do not experience blurry vision, most probably they are polarized sunglasses. You could also try positioning your polarized sunglasses in front of a black-lit LCD screen. When you turn the lenses they should darken. If you try watching TV or your phone with polarized sunglasses you won’t have much success. 


You can learn more about the differences between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses here to make sure you find the perfect fit for you and your favourite activities. 

At SmartBuyGlasses you can find a variety of polarized sunglasses to fit your every need, from our Value Collection of high-quality polarized lenses to designer brands.  


Many brands may offer polarized lenses but always check the product details to be sure. Another way to find the perfect pair is by searching through the sunglasses by filtering the outdoor activity you love doing. Look through brands that offer great polarized cycling sunglasses, if you enjoy long days cycling under the sun or clouds, or if you prefer using your own legs to go running then browse through some trendy pair of polarized running sunglasses.


It doesn’t end there, why not have a look at the polarized clip-on sunglasses, a perfect fit if you are a spontaneous person and want to find a quick on-the-go solution to their regular prescription glasses.

Find a wide range of polarized prescription sunglasses in different frames, colours, and shapes to fit any facial feature by consulting our face shape guide. At SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find various high-quality cheap polarized sunglasses for your next adventure!