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    Square Sunglasses


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    Square Sunglasses

    Let’s get classic with trendy square sunglasses! Square frames are extremely popular sunglasses among women, men and kids.


    Square frame sunglasses are easy to wear and are versatile in shape and colors. If you love an exaggerated look to stand out, you’ll love oversized square sunglasses from Polaroid or Jimmy Choo


    Are you looking for a more sporty look? Explore durable Oakley sunglasses for any outdoor adventure such as cycling and running


    Whether it’s a luxury brand or an affordable pair of everyday eyewear, you’ll find a variety of square frames to fit your prescription and style. 


    When were square sunglasses popular?

    Iconic round sunglasses and trendy square sunglasses were fashionable in the early ‘60s. 


    Thanks to many celebrities, sunglasses trends peaked and are now the timeless fashion staples we use today. 


    Women often loved to rock their look with thick square frames in a bold black or fun, lively color. In contrast, men preferred thinner frames and classic dark glasses. 


    Celebrity or not, you can style square sunglasses day and night, changing them up with your favourite color or style. If you’re wondering whether or not square sunglasses suit you, be sure to use our Virtual Try-On and read on. 


    Who can wear square sunglasses?

    When choosing the right sunglasses, your face shape can help determine the frames that best suit you. 


    Square glasses better suit faces such as round, oval and oblong faces. The angular frame contrasts with round facial features, which helps give definition and avoids making your face look even rounder.


    If you love round glasses, you will look great if you have a square face shape. However, it’s not a strict rule, so feel free to virtually try out the different types of glasses to see what looks great on you! 


    Do you love keeping up with the latest eyewear trends and love stylish glasses? Well, square sunglasses may be the perfect pair for you.


    Are square sunglasses in style?

    Sunglasses are always in style and make an excellent accessory for any occasion. Eyewear trends vary year by year, but specific frames, such as retro cat-eye sunglasses, rarely fall out of style.


    Square sunglasses are one of the most popular frames that everyone can pull off. They make for a fun and fashionable pair, thanks to the diverse colors and styles. 


    Try a vibrant orange or pink square frame and combine it with quality and colorful mirrored lenses. You’ll stand out from the crowd and let your personality shine. 


    Or, you can opt for a subtle pair of square rimless sunglasses with delicate frames to give you a relaxed vibe. You can just choose your favourite lens tints, such as gradient hues or solid colors.

    We have a wide range of styles to fit your mood and looks, from classic retro frames to modern and quirky eyewear. So, find what you love and rock your new square sunglasses today!