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Value Collection Sunglasses

At SmartBuyGlasses we offer a wide range of eyewear that varies in, shape, size, colours, brands, prescription, and prescription free glasses and sunglasses. You’ll never get bored of the thousands of choices available to you online, you won’t need to feel rushed or out of time when trying to pick your next pair of prescription sunglasses.


The collections available offer trendy, fashionable and, most importantly, affordable sunglasses that you can use for any occasion and always keep up with the latest trends. SmartBuy Collection is composed of some of the most in trend sunglasses where anyone can find the perfect pair, characterized by bright and classic colours and cool, vintage or retro frames. The Arise Collective also has a range of refreshing and stylish sunglasses, like the retro but always in fashion cat-eye frames, that have been a huge success since the 60s. Maybe you’d prefer a more classic and timeless appeal with a pair of round-framed sunglasses. 


Why not browse all the online sunglasses from our Value Collection and have fun changing personalities as you look for the perfect pair and try them on virtually first with our Virtual Try-On tool.


How to choose sunglasses

When choosing a pair of sunglasses there are different things you should keep in mind to not only look the trendiest and coolest out there on the streets but also to make sure your eyes get the best protection and care needed. 


- Before picking the first pair that attract you, you might want to first determine your face shape and what styles would work best for you. Refer to our face shape guide and use a mirror to trace the outline of your face with a bar of soap or lipstick. You’ll then see in the guide 4 types of shapes: oval, square, round and heart-shaped faces. Each of which will have recommendations of the styles that would be great for your facial features.  

- Make sure that you then have the correct measurement of your current glasses, simply look on the inside of the temple and find the 3 numbers that correspond to: size of the lens, the bridge, and the temple measurement. If you do not have these details you can easily use a mirror and a ruler to measure the distance between your temple and then refer to the size guide.

- Whether you need prescription free or prescription sunglasses, it is important you check the UV protection. Online prescription sunglasses and prescription free should usually have a UV400 filter, that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays emitted by the Sun. For each pair of sunglasses, the product description will indicate the category UV protection, which ranges from 0-4. The best categories to choose from are 3-4, providing the most protection from UV rays, category 2 can also be helpful when it’s a partially cloudy day. To learn more about UV protection have a look at this article.

- However, depending on many outdoor activities that may include water or snow, you may also want to consider upgrading to polarized lenses. Polarized sunglasses offer extra protection for your eyes especially when the rays of light hit a flat surface and bounce back, this adds on additional glare. Polarized coating can filter this glare out and allow for a clearer vision and enhance contrasts. 


At SmartBuyGlasses we offer more in-depth knowledge in our optical centre about online prescription sunglasses and what to do before buying a pair.   


What are the best sunglasses?

Not really sure what the best sunglasses are for you? Well, as we’ve mentioned there are various things to keep in mind when choosing prescription free and prescription sunglasses. Finding your face shape and size may be the easiest steps to take, but the type of lenses are also important, from the colour to the coatings/filters. Quality and style make up for what are the best sunglasses out there, be stylish and responsible all at once. 


Find a pair of sunglasses that are durable, high-quality frames and lenses which offer the best protection. Therefore we can divide the best sunglasses into 2 categories: for fashion and for protection.


- There are various shades and colours for sunglass lenses, which do not necessarily provide the correct protection. At SmartBuyGlasses we help you find the perfect coloured lens that can match your online prescription sunglasses and give your full coverage in our lens colour guide. Grey and black tinted lenses help perceive colours fully and reduce brightness and glare, while blue lenses enhance colour perception and eliminate glare, a great match for different sports. Dark amber, copper, and brown lenses reduce glare and help block out blue light, while green tints block out only some blue light and reduce glare but can enhance shadow and contrast, great for sunny or foggy weather. Lastly, red and pink lenses help enhance depth perception and are more smoothing and comfortable for longer wears. Find in more detail what colour lens works best with certain weather and activities in the guide. You could even go for photochromic sunglasses, also known as ‘transition’ sunglasses, that behave the same way as transition glasses but are typically used for outdoor only and may not be the most ideal for when you're driving. 

- UV protected and polarized sunglasses are a must-have when choosing good quality sunglasses. As mentioned previously, you benefit from specific coatings/filters when you expose your eyes to UV rays and glare. There are many more coatings you can choose from that can be combined together into the lenses, such as anti-scratch, anti-reflective, mirrored coating. The first allows you to avoid the lenses getting scratched and ruined, the second helps enhance your visual quality and is great for a sunny day, the third type of lens deflects light but applied by itself doesn’t offer complete protection. Lastly, the material of the sunglasses lens can also have an impact on your vision. The most commonly used materials are plastic (lighter, cheaper but has less clarity), polycarbonate (better quality than the plastic lens), and high-index, the more expensive type of lens but better higher quality. 


This may all seem a little overwhelming, but that’s the benefit of being able to look for online prescription sunglasses from the comfort of your own home. At SmartBuyGlasses not only can you find trendy and comfortable glasses, but also high-quality upgrades to heighten your visual experience and eye care. Have a look at our prescription sunglasses guide to help navigate towards the right choice for you. 


Why wear sunglasses

We’ve determined that sunglasses can be very beneficial for your vision when chosen correctly and help you take extra care of your eyes when exposed to harmful rays. 


- Sunglasses can also help protect your eyes from external elements that may affect your time outdoors. Imagine being on a beach with a small breeze and having a pair of sunglasses to shelter your eyes from wind and the grains of sand. Just think of when you are ready to take a picture with your friends and the sun is blinding you; a pair of sunglasses would do the trick. 

- Sunglasses can also help reduce the risk of certain eye diseases that can be affected by the Sun. If exposed to the rays of sunlight for too long you could increase the progression of cataracts, macular degeneration and pterygium. Using UV protection can help keep your eyes healthier for longer. 

- Sunglasses are also used after certain eye procedures, to help block harmful lights as your eyes recover. 

- Sunglasses may also help prevent migraines or headaches, that can be caused by excessive exposure to bright light. 


How to buy prescription sunglasses

Now that you have learnt a little more about what type of sunglasses and lenses to choose from, you can browse the many online prescription sunglasses available with SmartBuyGlasses. Make sure your prescription is up to date, if not get an eye test at your local optician, or if you do not remember it use our free Lens Scanner app to find your prescription details from your current pair of glasses. Once you have chosen the perfect pair you can upgrade the type of lenses, colour and coatings to add. Our Value Collection is full of fashionable and affordable sunglasses you can enhance to make your visual experience the best it can be on your next adventure.