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    Ski-goggles Sunglasses


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    Ski-goggles Sunglasses

    You wouldn’t want to be on your way down a beautifully snowy slope without a pair of ski goggles. But do you find it tricky to decide which are the best ski goggles to buy? 


    Whether you’re a newbie or a pro-skier, there are a lot of choices and it can be difficult to know which goggles are the most suitable for you. Luckily, this short guide is the perfect place to start! SmartBuyGlasses also offers prescription ski goggles and kids ski goggles so everyone has a pair for your family ski trip.


    Our frames are high-quality, fashionable sunglasses that are made for comfort and are known to effectively protect your eyes from the sun and its glare. 


    Avid skiers get ready to enjoy your day on the sickest slopes around the world!


    How to keep ski goggles from fogging up

    Resistant insulated double-lens goggles, invented by Bob Smith, are the solution that has helped prevent ski goggles from fogging up. 


    But just in case you are still having a little trouble, here are some tips on keeping ski goggles from fogging up:


    1. Find yourself quality ski goggles for your next adventure. You can invest in a pair of good ski goggles with brands such as Oakley ski goggles or UVEX ski goggles

    2. The ski goggles should have the correct fit. The goggles should sit on your face without any gaps for air to pass through

    3. Try not to wear too many layers - when it starts to get too warm, unzip some layers (i.e. jacket) and allow for some ventilation

    4. Ski goggles shouldn’t go over your wet helmet - keep them on when skiing and take them off completely when taking a break

    5. Frequently brush off the snow - make sure the vents on the goggles are free from snow or anything else that may block the airflow. Also, try to use a microfiber cloth to clean any moisture 

    6. When you’re done using your ski goggles let them dry out properly


    How to clean ski goggles

    If you want long-lasting eyewear you’ve got to keep it clean, here’s how:


    1. Use the storage bag that comes with the ski goggles - if you aren’t using them store them

    2. For the outer lenses, let them dry naturally and use a microfiber cloth - try not to use your gloves to avoid any scratches 

    3. The inner lenses have anti-fog coatings so pay attention when cleaning them. The best would be to allow for the goggles to air dry

    4. Invest in a good pair of quality ski goggles and have a spare pair, just in case


    How should ski goggles fit 

    Ski goggles shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. These aspects will be based on the size and shape of the ski goggles. 


    Your ski goggles should be tight but not extremely, they should fit comfortably on your face and have no gap between your helmet and goggles - they should cover your forehead and fit the line of your cheekbones. 


    Size is also important and you can follow the size of what you usually get for your helmet. Generally, medium size goggles can fit most people but if you have a smaller face or a lower nose bridge you may want to look at a smaller size goggle, like Asian fit ski goggles.

    If you wish to wear your prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses under your goggles you may want to have a look at OTG (over the glasses) ski goggles.