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Frequently Asked Question

Although Ray-Ban is an American company, Ray-Ban sunglasses have been manufactured and produced for years by the Italian brand Luxottica.


Luxottica is the largest leading brand in the eyewear industry based in the fascinating metropolis of Milan. A brand that has grown exponentially and now manufactures, produces and distributes iconic eyewear brands such as Persol, Oakley, Versace, and Tiffany & Co.


Ray-Ban eyewear began being produced by Luxottica in 1999 mainly in Italy. As Luxottica grew, the eyewear manufacturer began to expand its factories outside Italy. Currently, Luxottica has factories in Italy and China where Ray-Ban sunglasses are made. All factories use the same machines and materials to deliver high-quality eyewear around the world.


Luxottica distributes Ray-Ban sunglasses through accredited eyewear retailers and third parties, like department stores.

There are 2 main steps to take if you want to find original Ray-Ban sunglasses and avoid purchasing eyewear that isn’t authentic:


1. Purchase Ray-Ban sunglasses from an accredited store or online retailer such as SmartBuyGlasses. On the website, you should see if there is any indication that the retailer is a certified reseller for Ray-Ban eyewear (usually at the bottom) 2. You can purchase original Ray-Ban sunglasses from the official Ray-Ban site 


In addition to these steps, you can also authenticate your Ray-Ban sunglasses by:


1. Make sure that the packing is complete and that the official logo is on the box 2. The product label should correspond to the details of the product 3. The frame should indicate the model and colour on one side 4. On the other side of the frame it should specify ‘Made in Italy’ or ‘Made in China’ or the CE certificate


These features will also apply to prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses, whether they are single vision sunglasses or multifocal glasses

The classic Ray-Ban sunglasses have dominated the scene for many years and everyone has at least worn a pair once in their life. You haven’t? Well read on to discover some of the most popular Ray-Ban frames. With our Virtual Try-On tool, you can try Ray-Ban frames on virtually from the comfort of your home. 


The first runner-up is Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, you can't be more classic than this! Although they were initially made to help pilots see, as they flew through the skies, aviator frames have been popular even among ordinary people with their feet on the ground. Ray-Ban aviators are stylish and fit any outfit from casual to formal. The metal frame is light and sits comfortably, a great pair of sunglasses that can fit pretty much any face shape. 


We then have the Ray-Ban wayfarer frame or new wayfarer sunglasses that are still popular today. You can rock these sunglasses at the beach or at a wedding, great to hide the tears of joy. If you are looking for that classic and simple with a hint of mystery look, then you’ve found it with Ray-Ban wayfarers, a Hollywood staple since their inception.


Ray-Ban Clubmasters are another favourite, with the semi-rimless frame anyone can rock Clubmaster sunglasses any time of the year. You can find Clubmasters in classic black or brown with gold frames around the lenses. 

Among these timeless frames we’ve mentioned, Ray-Ban has expanded its touch to many other styles for you to find the right look. The lens technology has also kept up with the trends to provide the next visual experience any day of the year. Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses help reduce glare reflected off flat surfaces, like water, snow, or asphalt. You can look cool with various coloured polarized sunglasses while protecting your eyes for an enhanced visual adventure.