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Colored Contacts

Colored contacts are a great way to change up your look for any occasion. Whether you are looking to fully immerse into your next Halloween persona or simply want to see what you’d look like with blue eyes. 


Colored contacts can be used for practical, as much as aesthetic or cosmetic, purposes. Similar to prescription glasses or plano lenses, you can find a variety of prescription colored contacts or plano contact lenses. 


With SmartBuyGlasses you can find trusted and safe colored contact lenses available as daily colored contacts, weekly contacts, or monthly lenses


So why not have fun changing your look with vibrant and transformational colors like blue, green, or sterling grey.


Where to buy colored contact lenses?

You can find various types of colored contact lenses that resemble the iris, the colored part of the eye, or go crazy with full-colored lenses. 


Funnily enough, you can find colored contacts on many types of online platforms and in stores. However, you should consider where you buy colored lenses to find quality contacts for a comfortable fit. 


1. Beware of purchasing non-prescription colored contacts at flea markets, certain beauty salons, certain websites -  according to the FDA colored contacts from these sites could lead to eye health issues

2. The safest way to purchase quality colored contacts is to buy them from local opticians or licensed eye care providers


Rest assured that with SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find quality and safe colored contacts from high-end brands to ensure the best visual comfort. 


How to get colored contacts with prescription 

In many countries, you will require a contact lens prescription, even if you do not need to correct any visual impairment. You can always consult an optician to get a contact lens eye test.


Even plano contact lenses used only for cosmetic purposes will need a prescription as it is legally required. This will help you find the most suitable pair of colored contacts for your eyes and avoid eye issues. The same will apply to prescription colored contacts that you may want and need in order  to correct your vision. 


How to wear colored contact lenses? 

As long as your colored contacts fit comfortably and are properly cared for you’ll have no problems wearing them. 


Once you’ve determined that you are the right candidate for contact lenses, after an eye test, you can choose which type of colored lens to pick. 


You can start by choosing the best type of colored contacts listed below, with further information about each type here:


1. Visibility tint

2. Enhancement tint 

3. Blending tint

4. Opaque tint


Then have an up-to-date contact lens prescription, whether you need plano or vision correction lenses. Putting in or taking out colored contact lenses will have the same steps as regular contacts. This will also apply to cleaning your contact lenses with the correct eye solution, especially for weekly and monthly lenses. 

To find out more head over to our Optical Center and read all about colored and regular contact lenses.