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    Rainbow Glasses


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    Rainbow Glasses

    Rainbow glasses have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it's easy to see why. They are a fun and unique way to add a bit of flair and colour to any outfit, so they are perfect for adults and little ones.


    For kids, rainbow glasses are the perfect addition to any costume or dress-up game. Kids love rainbow colours, and rainbow glasses will instantly take their outfits from ordinary to extraordinary. Best of all, rainbow glasses come in different sizes, so kids of all ages can find something that fits them perfectly. And if your little ones love playing video games, consider adding zFORT® blue light lenses to minimise the negative side effect of blue light.  


    What colour eyeglass frames makes you look younger?

    Many people overlook the power of colour when selecting their prescription glasses. Still, a bold and vibrant frame can go a long way in bringing out your youthful energy. When it comes to eyeglass frames, the colour you choose can make all the difference.


    For example, rainbow-coloured glasses frames can make you look years younger! Rainbow glasses are especially effective in helping you look more vivacious—and don't forget how stylish they look! Whether you prefer bright pinks or pastel purples, rainbow glasses frames come in a wide range of colours that will surely capture attention for all the right reasons. 


    What kind of glasses are good for kids?

    Rainbow-coloured glasses are a great choice for kids! Their cheerful and fun shades are suitable for all types of personalities. Plus, they're an excellent choice for teens and pre-teens too. Don't forget that during the purchase phase, you can customise your glasses by adding different kinds of lenses, including Transitions®, progressive and single vision lenses that will protect the eyes of the youngest. If you are undecided about which frame shape better fits your kid’s face, consult our face shape guide to find their best suit.


    Whether you’re buying for your little ones or want to add a bit of colour to your outfits, rainbow glasses are a great idea for any type of personality and age! Buy your favourite pair today!