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Oversized Glasses

The oversized glasses trend has easily transitioned from need-to-hide-my-identity sunglasses to timeless, everyday frames. Whether you’re a VIP or going about your daily life, you can rock oversized sunglasses to add a dramatic effect to your persona. 


In addition to oversized sunglasses, oversized eyeglasses magnify the intellectual look and allow you to choose oversized glasses frames in any style and material. You can enjoy a classy and sophisticated look while keeping a low profile with thin metal oversized glasses


Your eyes will pop with a pair of trendy oversized glasses, whether it’s a bold square frame or chic round glasses. Oversized glasses have larger lenses than standard eyeglasses, so they require a bigger frame. You’re in luck, however, because although the lenses and frames are bigger, you can add any prescription or lens coating


Now that you know all the details, let’s explore how to wear and choose the right oversized glasses for you!

Oversized Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing oversized prescription glasses or plano lenses, you’ll want to consider the brand, materials, and protective lens coating you need. 


If you’re looking for affordable oversized glasses and want to shield your eyes from your digital screen, try blue light glasses frames from our SmartBuy Collection. You can also find a lightweight material, like plastic, and combine it with popular clear glasses frames to stay in style. 


Frame size is another important factor. Keep in mind:


• The bridge size for oversized eyeglasses is slightly bigger than standard glasses, so the bridge   should fit correctly on your nose 

• The weight of the glasses shouldn’t feel heavy on your face 

• The arms should not sit tightly around your face


Your face also plays a vital role in choosing the right glasses to accentuate your best features. Just like any regular prescription eyewear, oversized frames can be found in a variety of designs. 


1. Determine your face shape using our face shape guide

2. Have a look at which frames suit you 

3. Try them on in an oversized style 


If you have a square face with prominent angular features, try on a pair of rounder oversized frames to create balance. If you have a particularly smaller face you’ll want to find oversized frames that don’t overpower your face and fit. Try wearing big glasses that have nose pads that easily adjust. 


Love the look of a retro cat-eye glasses and you have an oval or heart face shape? Well, try them out using our Virtual Try-On


Now that you know which frames will best suit you, let’s explore how to incorporate them into your everyday style!

As we said before, the size is important so make sure the glasses fit comfortably. You definitely don’t want the glasses sliding down your face every time you move. Keep this in mind when looking at the various styles!


You can mix and match your favourite oversized eyeglasses with different colors and embellishments. Black oversized frames are simple but add maximum sophistication to any casual or formal outfit. You might also opt for vibrant colors to embrace the summer with floral patterns and bright oversized frames.


Why not fly high with a pair of oversized pilot glasses from our massive selection at  SmartBuyGlasses! You’ll get them with free shipping, our best price guarantee, and unbeatable customer service.