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    Oversized Sunglasses


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    Oversized Sunglasses

    Go big with oversized sunglasses! If you’re looking for fashionable sunglasses that will make you stand out, oversized eyewear is your perfect match. 


    Oversized sunglasses have been popular for years and loved especially by celebrities. The oversized frames aren’t just fashionable, but they’re functional too. Whether you are looking to hide from the paparazzi or just hide your tired eyes, oversized sunglasses are great!


    To fully feel like a VIP, you can add a dramatic effect to your look or change up your everyday style with oversized designer sunglasses from Prada


    Ready to find what you love with our wide collection of trendy oversized sunglasses? 


    How to wear oversized sunglasses

    No matter your face shape or size, thanks to versatile frame designs, you can wear and style oversized sunglasses no matter the occasion. 


    However, there are some factors to consider to make sure you have the perfect fit to look stylish with oversized glasses or sunglasses. 


    Whether you choose oversized square sunglasses or rounder frames, you want to make sure the bottom part of the frame does not constantly touch your cheeks. Oversized frames shouldn’t cover your eyebrows entirely. 


    You want to look fashionable without your glasses overpowering your facial features. Although a dramatic bold pair of Gucci sunglasses might just be your perfect match!


    Oversized sunglasses come in a range of frame shapes, so if you have a round face, square sunglasses create a smooth balance to complement your face. Vice versa, if you have an angular face, such as a square face, rounder oversized sunglasses are going to fit great. 


    Want to make a fashion statement with sleek, big and bold eyewear? Use our Virtual Try-On to see how you look with oversized sunglasses and choose your favourite pair! 


    You can never go too big with oversized sunglasses, but how big are they exactly?


    What size are oversized sunglasses?

    Oversized sunglasses are larger than standard frames but do not change drastically in frame size. 


    As mentioned previously, you should make sure that your eyebrows are not fully covered and that your glasses are not touching your cheeks. If this is the case, your oversized sunglasses are a little too oversized. 


    For a comfortable fit, you can check your frame size through existing glasses or by using a ruler. You should check before you buy to make sure your eyewear is never too big or small. 


    At SmartBuyGlasses, you can check the frame size in the product description to see whether that particular pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses will fit. 


    So, will you be in fashion with oversized sunglasses? 


    Are oversized sunglasses in fashion?

    Many sunglasses trends go out of fashion, but oversized sunglasses are a great, timeless option that makes a fashion statement. 


    Everyone has a personal preference about which glasses are suitable for different occasions. Sunglasses are so versatile, so you can use them to mix and match your look whenever. 


    With oversized sunglasses, you’ll not only be in fashion, but you’ll also have a great pair of protective sunglasses for sunny days. Change up the frame with diverse lens tints and coatings


    Why not add quality polarized lenses to fully protect your eyes while you look in your oversized women’s sunglasses


    So, what are you waiting for? Shop with us today to find your next pair of trendy oversized sunglasses!