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Do Sunglasses Lenses Deteriorate With Time?

Sunglasses lenses may or may not deterioate naturally over time, as their are expert opinions behind each side of the argument. Here is some useful info on making sure you get the protection you need from your shades.
Do Sunglasses Lenses Deteriorate With Time

If you’re wondering whether sunglasses lenses deteriorate over time, the answer is (somewhat unhelpfully) yes and no. Expert opinions about this issue are rather mixed in the field of eyewear, so finding a conclusive (and unbiased) answer is difficult to say the least.

Sunglasses lens deterioration: the science

While some researchers have found that the sun’s rays damage sunglasses lenses and that lens replacement is a must, some medical professionals have voiced an opposing view: sunglasses only have to be replaced if the surface is damaged or scratched.

The medical opinion is based on the pretence that scratched lenses offer less UV protection.

We do not endorse either viewpoint (although perhaps we could if we invested in a large-scale science and research department), but we do suggest that you change your sunglasses every two years – just to be on the safe side.

Nowadays, sunglasses are not just a tool to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. They’re also an important statement piece for us to showcase our unique sense of style.

Most of us have that one pair of fashionable sunglasses or cool shades that just suit our style so well that we have kept them around for years – or even decades! If the researchers are to be believed, it might be time to part with your beloved sunnies, up your fashion game and get yourselves a pair from our selection of tens of thousands.

How to ensure your glasses have UV protection

You might be wondering if your lenses are still up to the task of staving off harmful UV rays, but (more importantly) you should probably check whether your lenses even have this function to begin with.

So, how do you go about finding this out? The answer is pretty easy. Simply check if your sunglasses have a CE mark to find out.

The CE label indicates that these glasses are conforming with the appropriate international standard – i.e. compliance with European regulations – of UV protection and ensures that your eyes will be properly shielded against harmful ultraviolet rays.

So, now that you know how to identify legitimate UV protection in sunglasses, it is up to you to figure out whether you think it’s a good time for a replacement pair of sunglasses.


Sunglasses are most likely to lose some of their protective qualities when the lens coatings become scratched.

I’m a UV protection whiz and I’m looking for some new sunglasses. What now?

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