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Oh My Woodness! Sunglasses

SmartBuyGlasses have proudly been a partner and supporter of the Eden Project since 2017, providing fair wage employment for the local villages that are at the core of global reforestation. This partnership has initiated an environmentally sustainable Oh My Woodness! eyewear collection and for every pair of wooden frame sunglasses and glasses purchased a tree will be planted. This will support communities in Haiti, Nepal and Madagascar as they benefit from a source of income and positive environmental measures.   


The Eden Reforestation Project was initiated in 2014 with the goal to help villages in Ethiopia that had been affected by the consequence of deforestation and were forced to leave their homes. 


“Eden Reforestation Projects” was launched in order to attempt to reverse environmental devastation that negatively impacted families and local culture.


The project has been doing very well and aims to reach 500 million planted trees by 2025, helping the local families and communities by employment and reforestation in those areas. 


At SmartBuyGlasses, every Oh My Woodness! Wooden frame sunglasses have been beautifully designed with nature in mind: with earth colours, green, blue and browns and handcrafted from wood and bamboo.


Why choose wooden frame sunglasses

Sunglasses can come in many shapes, colours, designs, and also diverse materials, like metal, plastic, wood, acetate and more. 

Why not change and try a more sustainable, stylish, and environmentally friendly pair of wooden frame sunglasses? The benefits are many and not only will you be looking more trendy but also you’ll be supporting a noble cause.


● Environmentally friendly because they help reduce our carbon footprint by replacing less sustainable materials with others that endorse the fight against climate change. Wooden frame sunglasses also require less energy to produce, therefore having a lower impact on the environment. Moreover, wood is a renewable material that does not contain harmful substances.

● Wood is a durable material that can withstand external features, such as water or heat, for longer. This allows for a longer-lasting pair of sunglasses that require less maintenance.

● Comfortable and aesthetically beautiful. Each pair of wooden frame sunglasses are unique in their own way.

● Wood has been used in many sectors to show how aesthetically pleasing it can be for diverse products, such as interior design and jewelry.

● A more durable, lightweight, and sustainable material similar to wood is bamboo, also used in the Oh My Woodness! Collection. Bamboo sunglasses are one of the most eco-friendly materials, highly renewable, highly resistant, and durable. It’s fine texture and colour make for the perfect pair of environmentally and stylish sunglasses.


At SmartBuyGlasses you can find a variety of shapes, designs, and earthy colours for your look, like a pair of Oh My Woodness! Hamburgisches or Borghese sunglasses.


How to make sunglasses out of wood

There are various ways to make wooden frame sunglasses, some of which allow people to make it at home if they have the right equipment. At SmartBuyGlasses we take extra care in each step of making the Oh My Woodness! glasses and sunglasses, to produce unique, stylish, and eco-friendly eyewear! 


- Step 1 is to choose the right piece of wood you want to use to make the frames. There are various types of wood from which you can make sunglasses and they are kept safely in dry storage.

- Once a particular piece of wood is chosen, it is processed through the first laser cutter and divided into smaller pieces, measured for the particular wooden frame sunglasses to make. 

- A second laser cutter is then used to cut out the various parts of the frame, like the temples. 

- Then a drawing of the bridge and lens outline of the sunglasses is inputted into a CAD-CAM software which then transmits to the controlling device. This then activates the CNC engraving machine which engraves the outlines into the piece of wood. 

- Once the outline has been completed, a polishing machine is used to make the surface smoother. 

- To then bring the frame and temples together and create the appropriate hinges, a frame and temple slotter are used.

- Some sunglasses will then have the logo lasered into one of the temples.


The Oh My Woodness! collection is made from fashionable masterly design, exquisite craftsmanship, and dozens of precise manual processes to give the customer a natural, artistic, unique style of breaking from the ordinary with wooden frame sunglasses. 


Are wood sunglasses durable?

As mentioned above, wooden frame sunglasses are not only eco-friendly made from sustainable materials but they are also durable, able to withstand certain adversities. Saying that, however, they are not indestructible, so please do not sit on them. 

Wood is lightweight, sturdy and long-lasting and can be found in many parts of your house, for example. 


There are various types of wood with which wooden frame sunglasses can be made, each presenting its best qualities to make durable and stylish frames:

- Ebony wood is heavier but very durable. It has a darker tone and could be a great fit for the Fall season. 

- Zebrawood is lighter and has a softer tone with a light brown or cream colour. 

- Rosewood is stronger and a little tougher but has rich hue timber that derives from various tropical trees. 

- Bamboo, one of the most eco-friendly materials for wooden frames, is not technically wood but has been categorized as such due to it being highly sustainable and very light. 


Do keep in mind that some wooden frame sunglasses are either fully or partially made of wood and sometimes are combined with other materials, but nevertheless they remain stylish and unique. At SmartBuyGlasses we use high-quality wood and bamboo wood to allow for each pair of sunglasses the uniqueness and durability they need. 


Let’s repopulate forests with a trendy pair of sunglasses 

Change up your look and outfits with handcrafted wooden frames and bamboo sunglasses from Oh My Woodness! collection, with earth colours that can suit any season and durable eco-friendly materials to help make a positive impact on the planet. 

Do not forget to upgrade your sunglasses with UV protection and polarized lenses for extra eye protection whether you are out in the city or in the wild. 


Not only will you have a trendy new look, but for each pair of Oh My Woodness! sunglasses you buy, a tree will be planted through the Eden Project as local communities in Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal will benefit from increased employment and reforestation. 


Changing the world one frame at a time!