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Wiley X Clear lens color Sunglasses

Wiley-X sunglasses have been a top product in the protective eyewear industry, providing customers with military-grade sunglasses that are designed for comfort and protection. Wiley-X offers a wide collection of sports sunglasses and everyday frames for men, women and kids


Wiley-X sunglasses are renowned for their quality and style, making them ideal for any kind of sport. Their range of sports sunglasses covers all kinds of activities, from cycling to running and even watersports. Whether you’re planning to go to the mountains wearing a good pair of ski-goggles or to do outdoor activities like tennis and baseball, you will be sure to find the pair that fits your face shape, and that better protects your vision. 


Are Wiley-X sunglasses good?

The answer is yes! Wiley-X’s protective sunglasses offer great protection from the elements, such as wind and dust, which is essential in outdoor activities. In addition, they are designed to protect your eyes from the dangerous sun rays offering 100% UV protection. Their lens quality meets the highest standards on the market. For this reason, it is no secret that Wiley-X sunglasses are considered some of the most reliable products on the market. 


Are Wiley-X sunglasses polarised?

Wiley-X sunglasses also have polarised lenses that block glare and guarantee better and clearer vision. Polarised sunglasses can also enhance the colour contrast we see when exposed to the sun, and for this reason, they are the best choice for athletes and outdoors people. All Wiley-X polarised sunglasses meet safety requirements for extra eye protection. 


At SmartBuyGlasses CA, you can customise the colour of your lenses or add a prescription if needed. You can choose to have your lenses in different colours, including gold, red and blue. In addition, you can select different types of lenses, such as progressive lenses, single vision lenses and mirrored lenses. Pick your favourite pair today and enjoy your outdoor activities while benefiting from comfortable and safe vision!