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Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses were first introduced in 2010 and have become a popular classic square frame design. 


When purchasing quality sports sunglasses you want to find a pair that is comfortable and allows for maxim eye protection. Oakley sunglasses have been a number 1 brand that ticks both boxes in providing a snug fit and enhancing your vision.  


The square frame of Oakley Holbrooks is a great fit for those who have an oval or round face shape. The angular edges of square glasses create a juxtaposition with the roundness of the face - a proper way to complement the facial features. Curious to learn more? Then have a quick look at our face shape guide


Nevertheless, you don’t have to have a round or oval face shape to rock a pair of refreshing Oakley Holbrook sunglasses. 


Oakley Metal and O Matte sunglasses are the 2 types you’ll find when shopping for Holbrooks. Oakley O Matte is a lightweight plastic material that has strong durability and a pleasant fit. This type of plastic also provides better impact resistance and flexibility. 


Oakley Holbrook Metal sunglasses are also a great pair of flexible and durable eyewear. The metal sunglasses, however, may feel a little heavier than the plastic ones. So depending on your lifestyle, you’ll want to find the most suitable pair that feels just right for you. 


Furthermore, there are a few alternative variations in the Holbrooks model, such as: 


• Oakley Holbrook RX - looking for a pair of Oakley eyeglasses?

• Oakley Holbrook XS - have a smaller face?

• Oakley Holbrook XL - need a larger pair?

• Oakley Holbrook R - want a rubber nose pad?

• Oakley Holbrook Mix - combine the original and metal 


Oakley eyewear has got a pair for everyone! Whether you want something with a modern feel and look with metal sunglasses or need a pair that fits particular facial features, small or big. 


At SmartBuyGlasses you’ll have a range of choices between eyeglasses and sunglasses of many different brands for a reliable and smart fit. 


What is the difference between Oakley Holbrook and Holbrook XL?

Each Oakley Holbrook model presents specific characteristics. Let’s have a quick look at what differences there are between the classic Holbrook and Holbrook XL. 


Classic Holbrooks 

Original Holbrooks can be found in a frame size of 55mm. The bridge length is the same as the Holbrook XL as the size difference is in the lens width. The Originals are similar in size to the Holbrook Mix model and are slightly bigger than the Holbrook XS. 


Holbrook XL

As in the name, the XL stands for a pair of sunglasses that are larger than the regular size. If you find that standard sunglasses are tight then maybe a bigger pair may do the trick. 


So essentially, the Holbrook XL has all the iconic features of the classic Oakley sunglasses but scaled up in size. Usually, the XL model is 59mm. 


Wondering how to calculate your frame size? Easily done by following a few simple steps through our frame size guide.  


Are Oakley Holbrook polarized?

Yes, you can find Oakley polarized sunglasses in various eyewear models, including the Holbrook. 


Polarized lenses block out reflective glare, emitted by strong light, that bounces off a flat surface. Polarized sunglasses provide quality eye protection if you love being around water, snow, or even asphalt. Not only do polarized lenses help block out glare, but they also increase your visual clarity and make color contrasts more defined. The best time to use polarized sunglasses is if you are at high risk of glare causing visual discomfort.  


There is, however, a particular aspect that makes Oakley sunglasses even more unique: Prizm lens technology. Oakley’s Prizm lenses manipulate the light spectrum and heighten contrasts to boost your visual experience and make the world around you pop. 


Certain glasses can benefit from both worlds with polarized Prizm lenses. It all depends on the type of activity you want to engage in and what type of Prizm or polarized lens you’ll need. 


Why not find out more about the different types of sunglass lenses to fit with your new pair of Oakley or Value Collection eyewear. 


How can you tell fake Holbrooks?

Everyone wants to get their hands on a pair of quality eyewear but is not always willing to spend a lot of money. The risk in purchasing a pair of fake glasses can result in potentially causing eye health issues. 


So wondering how to avoid getting a pair of Fakeley Holbrooks and how to spot a fake?


1. Price. If you’ve found a ‘great deal’ for a pair of Oakley Holbrooks for $20, then it may be too good to be true

2. Package. Oakley sunglasses have an official packing with their logo, a label with the sunglasses’ details, and a smaller tab on the box

3. The ‘bag case’ in which the glasses come in is more durable and has a thicker string (to close the bag) that also has a small tag on it

4. When opening the bag, the glasses usually come with a plastic sheet (to avoid the templates touching the lenses)

5. Check that the product details on the inside of the temple correspond to the actual product ( a big giveaway? Spelling!)

6. On the lenses you’ll see what type of lens it is, like Prizm 


The easiest ways to buy authentic Oakley Holbrooks or any other brand is to visit their official website, visit your local optician, or buy them online from a certified eyewear retailer. 

SmartBuyGlasses is a certified online retailer that makes it easy and fun for you to browse and shop for your favourite eyewear brands and personalize them with prescription lenses.