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LMNT Sunglasses

Looking for a refreshing way to stand out from the crowd with stylish and trendy sunglasses? Look no further ladies, LMNT Sunglasses are the perfect choice for you!

Made for the young, creative, and fierce modern individual, you’ll make a bold and dramatic entrance with these sunglasses. 


Inspiration has taken SmartBuyGlasses to a new level of creativity with sleek and fashionable designs that vary from classic favourites to a more avant-garde look that you can rock anywhere, anytime. The LMNT collection proposes trendy sunglasses for women who love to venture into something new or revisit the old classics, like one of the most popular vintage styles: the cat-eye frames, graciously worn by iconic figures such as Marylin Monroe or elegantly like Audrey Hepburn. How about a more modern style living the high-end life in Los Angeles, on a beautiful hot and sunny day with a pair of rectangle frames to complete the look like Kendall Jenner. 


Whether you want a trendy, retro, fashion-driven, modern, or fun pair of sunglasses, LMNT has them all!


Are oversized sunglasses in fashion?

One of the most in fashion sunglasses is the oversized frames. LMNT sunglasses are no stranger to this style and combine it with bright, classic, fancy colours and designs. Why not try a pair of square LMNT sunglasses that give off a Hollywood star vibe, as you fender off the paparazzi. The oversized style often is known as the statement look, now being experimented with the craziest shapes possible whether you want to hide or embrace the coolness. Although it is said that Jackie Kennedy initiated the trend of oversized sunglasses in the 60s, many non-celebrities have incorporated it into their daily lives now - proving that when iconic figures such as Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn contributed to fashion sunglasses long ago, the trend never really dies out. 


So pop on your big high-heels, bright red lipstick, and a pair of LMNT oversized trendy sunglasses and be the diva you are.


Affordable trendy sunglasses

Many fashion sunglasses brands always follow the eyewear trends rocking the scene at the time, never late to the party with the latest trendy sunglasses. Some brands are recognized for their authentic styles and frames, you can recognize them immediately. Sunglasses can vary in price from low, mid-high, and high, but not all cheaper eyewear are less in quality than other brands.


At SmartBuyGlasses we give all our customers the chance to find trendy sunglasses at affordable prices and high quality. LMNT sunglasses are fashionable sunglasses that reflect the modern and classic styles in their own voice, just like you want to express your individuality through stylish and fun sunglasses that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. 


But hurry, these trendy sunglasses for women are a catch and many ladies are already out there slaying. What are you waiting for? 


Top fashion sunglasses

Over the years many trendy sunglasses have come and gone into fashion, while others always remain. Some of the most popular fashion sunglasses are:


- An everyday pair of trendy sunglasses for women, with a narrow but thin frame, relive that 90s look, cool and easy to wear, are the rectangle frames in The LMNT sunglasses collection.

- The vintage cat-eye frames are timeless and easily worn for a casual or elegant look, as popular as they were back in the 60s. 

- The LMNT square frame sunglasses have a classical pair of black or turquoise colours with larger frames that help enhance your strong facial features. For which you can pick cool tinted lenses. 


In addition, fashion sunglasses also allow you to pick the perfect colour lenses to match your style. Certain colour lenses can be used, not only for fashion purposes but also for particular weather and various outdoor activities. If you’d like to go cycling on a nice sunny day, a pair of green-tinted lenses would fit perfectly, as they are great for reducing glare. Or maybe you’re just going for a relaxing road trip on a partially cloudy day, the best recommendation would be between black, red/pink, yellow, or even dark amber and brown colour lenses. Similarly, they all help reduce or block glare and enhance colours and/or contrast. How about a pair of LMNT trendy sunglasses with blue-tinted lenses for a cool snowy day skiing in the mountains. 


But no panic, have a look at SmartBuyGlasses sunglasses lens colour guide and have fun mixing and matching your trendy sunglasses with cool colour tints. 


Trendy sunglasses straight to your door

No matter the style you are looking for or the vibe you want to give off with a pair of classical or oversized sunglasses, at SmartBuyGlasses you will have a variety of choices to buy directly online. Browser for your next pair of trendy sunglasses straight from your coach in preparation for that beach holiday or city shopping spree we’ve been patiently waiting for. Stay also tuned for the latest fashion advice and inspiration with our blog and find the perfect pair of trendy sunglasses for you and your friends. You can choose to purchase LMNT sunglasses just for fashion or upgrade to prescription sunglass lenses and try them on with our Virtual Try-On tool to see how the fashion sunglasses fit. Then hit that buy button and impress everyone.