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Oakley Glasses

Oakley creates performance eyewear that offers you both style and endurance. Oakley eyeglasses, like the popular Oakley sunglasses, are also available for your daily eyewear needs, all year round, no matter your prescription. 


The aerodynamic design and advanced lens technology provide you with high-performance comfort that lasts all day. Oakley eyeglasses can be used anywhere and anytime.


You’ll find classic and modern frame designs to protect your eyes in style to fit any occasion or adventure.


All you need to buy Oakley eyeglasses online is your up-to-date prescription and pupillary distance. You can shop the selection at SmartBuyGlasses for both men and women to find the pair of Oakley eyeglasses that best suits you.

Oakley Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Eye-related injuries are very common in certain work environments. The CSA eyewear standards help workers and companies find protective eyewear to prevent eye damage. 


CSA standards include safety glasses, goggles, and face masks. There are different CSA levels for protective eyewear, but they all aim to help keep your vision protected. 


Although Oakley glasses are known for their sturdy, resistant frames and quality lenses, not all of the frames are certified. CSA or ANSI standards require glasses to meet strict impact resistance and visual clarity demands. 


Most Oakley sunglasses are ANSI approved, which makes them a great pair of sports eyewear to enjoy the outdoors. 


Although many Oakley eyeglasses are not at CSA standards, they are still durable pairs of prescription glasses with different frame designs and lens coatings.  


If you are looking specifically for safety glasses, don’t worry. Many Oakley glasses are still considered safety glasses. Let’s see how. 

Yes, but not all Oakley prescription glasses are considered safety glasses (as we’ve briefly mentioned).  


1. To be certified as safety glasses, glasses need to meet the CSA or ANSI requirements.

2. You can find the Oakley ANSI Collection of prescription glasses and sunglasses by reading the product description.

3. Although many frames meet impact resistance standards, both the frame and lenses need to be certified to classify as safety glasses.

4. Oakley safety glasses, such as Industrial M Frame 3.0 or Det Cord Industrial, are certified safety glasses.


Oakley eyeglasses are impact-resistant and durable for everyday use and sports activities. If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why Oakley eyewear is worth the buy.

You may have already heard the benefits of Oakley sunglasses and why they are good sports eyewear. Here are the top reasons:


1. They have strong frames and protective lenses to ensure your sports activities are lived to the fullest.

2. They include cutting-edge lens technology to maximize visual performance. Try Oakley PRIZM lenses or polarized sunglasses.

3. Oakley prescription glasses are designed to provide extra comfort and a sleek look


So, if you already love the brand’s sunglasses collections and want a pair for everyday use, then Oakley eyeglasses are a good choice. Here are more reasons we love them:


• The lenses are coated with quality, anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

• There are a variety of sizes of Oakley prescription glasses for small faces or other facial features such as Oakley Asian Fit eyeglasses

• Everyone in the family can enjoy a pair. 

• Oakley glasses suit a variety of prescriptions.


Do you have a slightly more demanding prescription, such as multifocal lenses? You’ll be glad to hear that Oakley is here to save the day.


Does Oakley make bifocals? 

Oakley glasses accommodate single vision and multifocal prescriptions and provide the same quality as any other plano lens Oakley glasses. 


While bifocals help correct only two visions, progressive lenses include the intermediate correction. In addition, progressive lenses do not have any visible lines on the lenses. For these reasons, many prefer progressives to bifocals. 


With SmartBuyGlasses, you can choose the Oakley eyeglasses you prefer and add the prescription you need. 


If you already have a pair but don’t remember your power values, you can use our free Lens Scanner app to quickly and easily find your prescription details from your current pair of glasses.


If you require a new eye test, head to your optician. Once you’ve settled your prescription, simply input your details manually or upload a copy to the pair of glasses you love the most. 


After clicking the buy button, it will only be a matter of time before you get your new pair of Oakley glasses!