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How to Adjust Glasses 

How to Adjust Glasses

Not only is it uncomfortable when your glasses don’t fit, but it also affects your quality of vision. When your optician gives you measurements, such as your pupillary distance, it’s based on your glasses fitting correctly. Keep reading to learn how to adjust glasses to improve the fit for both comfort and the best vision. 


The first thing to consider when learning how to adjust glasses, is the frame material you are working with. Wire frames and plastic frames will need to be handled differently. For instance, many plastic frame glasses do not come with adjustable nose pads. When it comes to how to adjust plastic glasses bridge, you should try heating up your glasses with a hair dryer for 5 seconds on low heat, or in hot water for about 30 seconds. 


To tell whether or not it’s necessary to adjust glasses, set the glasses on a flat surface with the arms open. The back of the arms and the bottoms of the lenses should all be touching the flat surface if they are fit correctly.

How to adjust glasses when...

The lenses are different distances from your eyes

To adjust glasses when your left lens is closer to your eye, you can bend in on the left temple of the arm and out on the right temple at the same time. Bend the opposite way if your right lens is the one closest to your eye. To adjust glasses with ease, try heating up the area briefly with a hair dryer or in warm water first. 


The lenses are different heights

Again, for lenses that are different heights you’ll need to know how to adjust glasses arms. If the left lens is higher, you’ll want to bend down the temple at the hinge of the arm on the left side. Do the opposite if the right lens is higher. 


They’re sliding off your nose 

If your glasses are sliding off your nose, then it’s possible the nose pads aren’t adjusted properly. If you have adjustable nose pads, simply push them closer together with your fingers until they fit properly, without leaving marks. If you don’t have adjustable nose pads, you can heat up the temples and push slightly inwards and down. If your glasses are plastic, you may also want to heat up the bridge of the nose before bending. 

If your nose pads are leaving marks, do the opposite motion with the nose pads or temples. 


They’re too tight around your ears

If your glasses are too tight around your ears, bend the end of the arms out and up. Again, if your glasses don’t bend easily, you can always heat them up where you intend to bend them. 

Once you know how to adjust glasses, the next step is learning more about the right glasses measurements for your head. Finally, you can click here to read about the benefits of titanium frame glasses.