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SmartBuy Kids Sunglasses

The SmartBuy Kids collection offers stylish and affordable optical options for your kids. Specializing in durable kids sunglasses that come in a wide variety of bright colors you little ones are sure to love.


Starting with good habits at a young age is essential, particularly when it comes to your kids and their eyes. The average person will get most of their lifetime’s UV exposure in the first 20 years of life. This is a critical age because kids are at the highest risk for permanent eye damage caused by the sun. Kids have not yet matured, particularly their eyes, so their ocular lenses don’t filter the same way adults do. Kids are highly susceptible to UV radiation and can transfer through their eyes up to 70% of UV light compared to adults. Their ability to filter harmful light increases with age, however, any damage done is irreversible. The proteins and cells in the eye don’t regenerate or get replaced. Damage can lead to macular degeneration and a whole host of premature ocular diseases if not prevented. We love to encourage our customers to explore options for both themselves and their kids as eye health is important at all ages, but especially when you are young. 


Recommendations of Sunglasses for Kids

Finding the right sunglasses online has never been easier, we have the best options and resources to guide you though finding you kids the right frames they need and love. The SmartBuy Kids Collection is made for children as young as 3 years and as old as teenagers. The collection is made up of a wide variety of classic styles all designed to be durable and affordable. Let’s hop into it!


SmartBuy Kids Liam 1L -  On the hunt for a fun and bright pair of frames for your child? These yellow, plastic sunnies are the right fit! Perfect as both boys and girls sunglasses, these frames feature a fun square frame that will look great on any kid. We love these because they are lightweight and comfortable, so you can take these anywhere and they will last. 


SmartBuy Kids Ethan 1L - If your child is athletic these are a great pair for knocking around on a field or track. Pair these with some sunscreen and a cap, and you have all around protection from the sun. These frames feature a black rubberized temple that will grip your child’s ears while they play. The temples also feature a fun electric lightning bolt design, that add to the full athletic aesthetic. 


SmartBuy Kids Thomas 3L - Looking for a sporty pair of boys sunglasses? These have you covered, and your kids eyes protected. They come in a royal blue with black rubberized detailing, perfect for holding them in place while at play. These wraparound frames feature stunning blue lenses that pair perfectly with the overall color. These are great toddler sunglasses, they will fit on kids as young as 3. If your child requires kids prescription sunglasses, just add their prescription at check out and we will ship them to you with it.


SmartBuy Kids Lucas 1L VC5279Childrens sunglasses should be affordable and durable, just like the Lucas 1L model. These are made of durable plastic, the full rim square shape is ideal for all face shapes and ages. Black is the perfect color, as they will match all outfits and occasions. We like these because they are an athletic design and work as a lightweight option for outdoor play. We love these because they will stay on all day and be comfortable the whole time. 


SmartBuy Kids Liam C2 VC3635B - These are no hipster kids sunglasses? These frames are a classic black and feature a square shape. When seen from the profile you can easily spot the camo pattern design in a blue and grey mix. We love these for everyday use during the summer or whenever outdoors. The lenses are grey and pair perfectly with the frames. Your kid will never want to take these off!


SmartBuyGlasses Initiative

The SmartBuy Kids Collection is a proud partner of the World Vision Mother & Child program in Zambia. With each pair of SmartBuy Kids purchased, on smartbuyglass.ca, we will donate a portion of the sale towards the mother and child health program in Zambia. The aims of this program and partnership are to alleviate and eliminate preventable diseases in children and child death. Plus, save the lives of expecting mothers and fight to ensure their children survive, thrive and reach their fullest potential. 


Shopping with SmartBuyGlasses

After you find the perfect kids sunglasses, pop over to check out and submit your prescription details if your child requires corrective lenses. There you can also select from a variety of lens coatings, mirrored, polarized, etc. for extra protection. Should any questions about the prescription or lenses arise, don’t stress, one of our online opticians will reach out to you and quele any concerns or issues. Order your frames confidently knowing that each pair of frames sold on SmartBuyGlass.ca come with a 2-year warranty, plus if your child doesn’t immediately fall in their new shades. You have 100 days to return them. 


Also, don’t forget our awesome resources, like our blog and optical center. There you can discover our helpful shopping guides and articles covering all things optical. Plus content specifically tailored for finding your kids the right frames and lenses. Welcome to shopping made easy!