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    Wraparound Glasses


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    Wraparound Glasses

    Wraparound glasses are a great way to protect your eyes in and out of the workplace. The frame allows for complete eye coverage, so you can enjoy a clear and safe visual experience. At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll find a variety of prescription wraparound glasses from well-known designer brands that strive to provide the best quality, such as durable Oakley glasses or eye guards from PRO GEAR.   


    If you also have kids, who love to get dirty and play rough, you’ll find fantastic wraparound glasses to help protect their vision while playing sports. Let’s see what wraparound glasses are and how they can also function as safety glasses.


    What are wraparound frames?

    Wraparound glasses have a clear viewing area for your direct line of vision and peripheral view, as the frames and lenses curve around the eye to the temples.


    Wraparound glasses were introduced in the ‘60s, and they soon became a practical and cool fashion statement.  


    Nowadays, wrap-around glasses are a more fashionable alternative to standard safety glasses used in diverse professions to protect from external hazardous elements. A range of wrap-around frames provides comfort through curved temples and sturdy nose bridges to keep your glasses sitting correctly on your face. 


    Wraparounds frames follow even the most popular eyewear trends to keep your eyes safe and looking trendy, such as clear wraparound glasses or semi-rimless frames. You’re truly spoilt for choice with excellent quality eyewear!


    Fret not, because our wraparound glasses also allow you to meet your every eye need with excellent lens coatings and prescription lenses. 


    Can you get wraparound prescription glasses?

    Whether you want to change your look with wraparound sunglasses or glasses, you can add single vision or multifocal lenses to ensure clear visual comfort. Be sure you have an up-to-date prescription and provide your details or upload your prescription directly when at checkout. 


    Don’t forget to add an extra layer of protection with blue light if you are always using screens. So, shop with us today and find what you love with eyewear that ticks all the boxes!