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Women's Glasses

Looking for trendy women’s eyeglasses? If so, you’ve found the perfect online place to shop. We have a range of options available, so here is a quick guide to help you choose the best pair for you!


It is important to get the most comfortable fit in the style that brings out the best in your facial features. You can start by seeing which stylish frames best suit your face!


Browse through endless women’s sunglasses and eyeglasses. Maybe you want to find trendy, yet affordable glasses that still offer the best quality. Or, you may want to find an iconic pair of Ray-Ban eyeglasses for women to rock a timeless and chic look.  


Whenever you spot a pair you like, you can see how they look with our Virtual Try-On tool


Let’s now explore the most in-style women’s eyeglasses!


Women’s designer glasses

If you love the luxury lifestyle and want to treat yourself with high-end women’s designer glasses, check out Gucci eyeglasses for women and the other great brands that we offer. 


Each premium brand has unique characteristics to make them stand out and be loved by many. Versace glasses have a simple yet sophisticated style to make your office wardrobe more classy. You can also add zFORT® blue light technology to the lenses to protect your eyes and look as sleek as possible at your desk. 


Designer glasses can benefit from lens upgrades. Even if you have progressive lenses you can enjoy the luxury and charm of a pair of Valentino glasses


Ladies, your glasses choice is truly endless. From innovative and fresh frames to classic or bright colours, there are prescription lenses that meet any eye need. 


If you now have your eye on a trendy pair of glasses, make sure they are stylish but also comfortable. Let’s see how women’s eyeglasses should fit!


Women's Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the various ways that glasses trends come about: 


• Celebrities or influencers 

• The introduction of innovative and funky designs

• Brand collaborations

• Entertainment 


No matter the way, prescription glasses and sunglasses are an accessory that never goes out of style and adds an extra bit of glam to your look. 


Glasses frames for women have a variety of styles and colours that suit all face shapes and personalities. 


1. Cat-eye glasses are a best seller that suits many faces. Cat-eye sunglasses and eyeglasses highlight your features with stylish designs and colours. We offer a range of luxury cat-eye eyeglasses and affordable trendy pairs in our Value Collection glasses.    


2. Clear glasses are another stylish and effortless look. Take a break from darker coloured frames by wearing transparent or translucent frames to change up your look. SmartBuyGlasses has versatile clear sunglasses and eyeglasses frames in all the classic or modern frame styles you love. 


3. Classic styles such as aviator prescription glasses or round glasses never fail. Pilot glasses aren’t only meant to be worn under the sun, so you can also rock these frames on a rainy day. Round glasses better suit square faces (opposites attract) and can be worn on any occasion.


4. Different materials and colour frames are also a game-changer. For example, metal glasses are lightweight and delicate. They don’t overpower your facial features. Instead, if you want to opt for bold thick frames then you can try bright coloured acetate glasses to stand out from the crowd.  


5. Oversized glasses will also steal the show since they suit many diverse face shapes. However, size is important when choosing oversized frames. Make sure they fit correctly and don’t feel too heavy on your face. 


While eyewear trends change year by year, classic designs always resurface. You can try timeless frames with new materials and modern colours. We also offer style guides and tips on our blog for you to always keep up with the latest eyewear trends.

The main aspects to remember for a correct and comfortable fit are: 


1. Frame size can be found on the inside of the glasses' temples. The three measurements will indicate the sizes that best suit you (lens width, bridge width, and temple length). Otherwise, you can measure it at home by using this size guide or by consulting your optician. 


2. If your current pair of glasses are too loose or tight, make sure you check the frame size. Prescription glasses shouldn’t squeeze or fall off your face.  


3. Your eyes should align within the lenses to provide clear vision. This distance, known as your pupillary distance, is important to ensure your glasses are comfortable. 


4. If you’re looking for frames to perfectly flatter your face, then you can refer to this guide to discover the best glasses for your face shape. 


5. Your prescription (Rx) power and lens type may not always work in certain frames. With a high Rx, thin frames aren’t ideal as your lenses will be too visible. Although you can choose your lens index, always be sure the frames allow for your Rx type before you buy them. 


If you are new to wearing glasses, you can talk to your optician or eye doctor. Have an eye test and ask to see which size best suits you. 


You may even find a pair of unisex glasses that are perfectly suitable for men and women. But can women wear men’s glasses and vice versa?

In short, yes and no. There are some differences between women’s and men’s glasses that make it difficult for them to be interchangeable. 


There are no strict rules about which glasses you can wear, but let’s explore the characteristics that make the glasses different: 


• Size can play a major role. Women tend to have a smaller facial structure, so larger glasses won’t always fit. Sunglasses and eyeglasses frames are designed differently to best fit certain faces. 


• Frames shapes differ in choice and style for both men and women. Some frames, such as square or rectangular designs, are sometimes preferred by men. However, this is not to say that women can’t rock a pair of cool square glasses


• Even colour can play on these differences, but this always depends on your personal preference. We think anyone can rock any color, as long as it matches their individuality! 


Don’t feel limited by labels, as prescription glasses can come in any shape, color, and style! With so much variety, you have limitless options to find a pair that best suits you. 


At SmartBuyGlasses, we want you to have an extensive choice to find glasses you love. With our range of affordable and fashionable eyewear, including unisex glasses, you are sure to find something to help your personality shine.