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    Tortoiseshell Glasses


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    Tortoiseshell Glasses

    Since tortoiseshell glasses come in many different styles and colors, they are a great way to vamp up any casual or formal look.


    Tortoiseshell glasses frames mimic the shell of tortoises and turtles to feature a two-toned pattern that works for a range of retro or modern frame designs.


    Maybe you have a square face and want round frame tortoiseshell glasses to balance out your facial features. They’ll be perfect for a trendy and timeless look in the office or an evening gala. For a casual picnic in the park, why not try a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses?


    No matter your face shape, personal preference or your prescription, you can find a stylish pair of tortoiseshell glasses to match your every look.


    Wondering when and why tortoiseshell glasses became popular? Let’s find out!


    When did tortoiseshell glasses become popular?

    Tortoiseshell glasses first appeared in the 1920s and were very popular due to the material and tortoiseshell pattern. 


    The material used to make tortoiseshell glasses and other items, such as guitar picks or combs, is what made the frame style extremely popular at the time. Not only was the material desirable, but the color pattern also helped everyone achieve a simple yet sophisticated look with prescription glasses.  


    At SmartBuyGlasses we offer a range of glasses and sunglasses that embed the tortoiseshell pattern with or without prescription, even progressive lenses


    But did you know that the material used for tortoiseshell glasses frames was popular because it was real?  


    Are tortoiseshell glasses real?

    When tortoiseshell glasses first came out in the ‘20s, they were made with real tortoises and turtle shells. This attracted people because of the desirable pattern and smoothness. 


    Thankfully, in the 1970s, this practice was banned worldwide to preserve the species. However, with the advancement of technology, we can still enjoy the stylish one-of-a-kind tortoiseshell frame pattern. 


    Tortoiseshell glasses are now made from various quality plastics and durable acetate. So, you can rock a pair of tortoiseshell frames without endangering any animals. 


    Whether they are designer brands or affordable and trendy SmartBuy or Arise Collective, tortoiseshell glasses will make you feel stylish and confident. 


    Are tortoiseshell glasses fashionable? 

    Just like any other timeless frame design, tortoiseshell glasses are fashionable accessories that men, women, and kids can style with any outfit. 


    You can find tortoiseshell frames in a variety of colors, from classic browns to green or blue. Find your favourite pair and try them on with our Virtual Try-On to see how well they suit you. 


    Looking for something retro? Try a pair of tortoiseshell cat-eye glasses, which are a great fit for many face shapes! Or, opt for timeless pilot glasses in a tortoiseshell frame to fly high in style. 


    Get ready to explore all the fun styles and patterns tortoiseshell glasses offer, combine them with protective lens coatings and add your prescription. 

    Ready to find what you love? Shop with us today to vamp up your style with quality and sleek eyewear.