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    Geometric Glasses


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    Geometric Glasses

    Geometric patterns are super trendy. The edgy style of geometric glasses adds a pop of dimension that creates an interesting twist to any look to take it to the next level. 


    Many popular brands, including Balenciaga, Chloe, and Ray-Ban, feature geometric frames in their collections. Discover each of these brands to see how cool they look! 


    Would you rather enjoy the style of geometric glasses at an affordable price? We have the solution! SmartBuy Collection geometric frames are budget-friendly and feature trendy and stylish patterns in a variety of colors!


    They’re one of the best sellers at SmartBuyGlasses, which makes them a great choice worth exploring! If you are curious to learn more about geometric glasses, read on.


    What are geometric shaped glasses?

    The geometric glasses trend offers a new chic way to stand out from the crowd. If you want to deviate from classic square glasses, then geometric frames are a must. 


    Common shapes are octagon eyeglasses and hexagon glasses frames. Each shape has a modern flair and can add a new look to timeless frames such as pilot glasses. Geometric sunglasses and eyeglasses are unique and allow you to change up your style both day and night.   


    Geometric glasses are uniquely shaped stylish frames that you can buy with any prescription. If you want to try a new everyday look, geometric glasses are worth a try to: 


    1. Give your look a unique touch

    2. Give you a youthful look and feel

    3. Be funky and original

    4. Accentuate or transform your facial features 


    If you’re looking for a frame to suit any face shape, then geometric glasses may do the trick!


    Geometric glasses' face shape

    The best way to make sure that geometric eyeglasses work for you is to research your face shape before making a decision. The trick is to choose a shape that flatters your face and gives balance and harmony to your overall look. 


    So, if you have a round face, choosing round glasses will emphasize your face shape and bring more attention to the roundness. Alternatively, choosing angular or geometric frames will balance your face, thanks to the pointed edges. If you have an angular face such as a square or diamond, we would not recommend a cat-eye shape. Instead, we recommend a rounder geometric frame. 


    Thanks to even symmetry, oval face-shaped individuals are born blessed because any eyeglasses shape flatters them. Oval faces are great candidates for geometric shape glasses!


    If you’re not sure of your face shape, visit our handy face shape guide. Or, you can try on glasses using our Virtual Try-On tool. Just follow these easy steps: 


    1. Take a short selfie video

    2. Find your face shape

    3. Try on all the virtual try-on glasses before you buy them online! 


    It’s the perfect way to find the best frames for your face shape!


    Are octagon glasses in?

    You can’t get more geometric than octagon glasses! Although octagon glasses are not mass-produced like retro cat-eye glasses, it’s a frame style that many love. 


    Fun fact: Octagon glasses first appeared in the 1800s. Not long after, they were available in different prescriptions and tinted lenses. By the 1920s and ‘30s, octagon glasses were back in style and worn by movie stars and icons. 

    At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll find a variety of geometric glasses and octagon frames to stand out and vamp up your look. Get the style you love with our best price guarantee!