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    Full-rim Glasses


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    Full-rim Glasses

    With SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll find a range of full-rim glasses to style every outfit! Full-rim glasses frames are available in any color, shape and design to accommodate every preference and personality. 


    Whether you love classic cat-eye glasses or prefer bold square glasses, you’ll find what you love with a great collection of everyday eyewear and designer brands. 


    But what are full-rim glasses? 


    Full-rim meaning

    As we all know, the rim of an object goes around the edge of that given object. Therefore, full-rim glasses have a rim that goes around the edges of the lenses, providing full coverage. 


    The silhouette of full-rim glasses can be made of various materials, from metal to plastic to even eco-friendly wooden frames


    Our Oh My Woodness! collection is filled with unique and stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses in diverse frame styles and colors. If you’re looking for something different, help support the planet by purchasing trendy eco-friendly eyewear!


    Full-rim glasses are sturdy and protect the lenses from minor accidental drops, which makes them highly durable depending on the frame material. For example, one of the most durable materials is titanium


    Do you like round full-rim glasses? Explore our range of simple yet sophisticated round glasses and add your single vision or progressive lenses for a complete stand-out look. All our full-rim glasses accommodate various prescriptions and work well if you have thicker lenses. 


    Full-rim frames aren’t the only option if you want to try something different!


    What is full-rim vs half-rim glasses?

    We also offer a range of semi-rimless (half-rim) and rimless glasses alongside our collections of full-rim frames.


    The difference lies in the amount of frame covering the lenses. 



    Half-rim glasses usually have the top part of the lenses covered with a frame. This look emphasizes the upper part of your eyes and gives you a subtle and refined look.


    Semi-rimless glasses come in all frame styles and colors, so you’re bound to find a pair that suits your face shape and personality. 


    If you intend to participate in certain outdoor activities, semi-rimless glasses may not be ideal, as the bottom part of the lens is not protected by the rim. 



    Rimless glasses have no rim around the lenses, which makes them more lightweight than full or semi-rim glasses. 


    The temples are directly attached to the lenses, and a nose bridge connects the lenses. 


    Are you looking for comfortable lightweight glasses? Then rimless glasses are just right, but be sure to take care of them because they are more prone to breakage as the lenses are not covered. 


    At SmartBuyGlasses, find everyday eyewear for less in any rim frame you prefer, have fun virtually trying them on and buy your next pair of prescription glasses to show off.