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    Browline Glasses


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    Browline Glasses

    Fashion can reveal aspects of your personality through clothes and accessories. You can use the glasses you love to wear to express your individuality and show off who you are! So, why should you consider browline glasses?


    Browline glasses are a power accessory associated with today’s hipster vibe. They make a bold statement but are a simple look to pull off. 


    Browline eyeglasses and sunglasses are versatile in color and shape. You might love classic tortoise browline sunglasses with rounder lenses such as the renowned Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. Maybe square is your thing and you want to try out durable Oakley browline eyeglasses to match your sporty soul. 


    Despite the color and style, you are looking for, SmartBuyGlasses likely has a pair of browline glasses that are perfect for you! So, if browline glasses sound appealing, read on to find out more and learn how to style them.


    What are browline glasses?

    Browline glasses gained popularity in the ‘50s and ‘60s as unique eyewear that people could customize to fit their appearance. 


    Just like iconic cat-eye frames, browline frames have a retro style appeal and can be modelled to fit every occasion with diverse materials and designs. 


    Browline eyewear has a bold frame at the top of the glasses and a thinner lower frame. The upper bold part mirrors eyebrows over our eyes. If you are looking for a style with a slightly less exaggerated upper frame, semi-rimless glasses offer a  more subtle browline style. 


    The versatility of the browline frame enables classic and modern designs to accommodate many prescription lenses, even if you require progressive lenses that involve more than one vision correction.


    Now that we’ve covered the browline design and how it can cater to your every eye need, let’s look at how to style the diverse range of options like affordable SmartBuy browline eyeglasses and easy-going Ray-Ban browlines.  


    How to wear browline glasses?

    If you're ready to make a statement with powerful, yet simple eyewear, then browline glasses are your match.  


    Are browline glasses likely to suit you and your face shape? Since browline frames can be moulded into various styles, you’ll probably find the perfect pair no matter your face shape. 


    With a rounder or oval face, you’ll find that browline glasses or sunglasses with sharper angles help balance facial features without making your face seem rounder. Be sure to check that the frame size is not too big, as this could accentuate the roundness even more. For any doubts on what frame size is ideal, you can check out our helpful guide


    As you can diversely style browline frames, you’ll find a perfect pair for any formal or casual outing. If you’re ready to rock your best suit and tie then a classic black semi-rimless frame with gold embellishments will let everyone know you mean business. 


    The only way to find out if browline glasses are indeed your match is to use our Virtual Try-On tool to discover how the different styles look on you!