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    Blue Light Blocking Glasses Glasses


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    Blue Light Blocking Glasses Glasses

    By now, you have probably heard about the negative effects of blue light and why blue-light blocking glasses are recommended to protect your vision. 


    Here’s a quick reminder:  


    • Blue light is a short wavelength that produces a high energy color in the light spectrum visible to the human eye.

    • It is everywhere (literally) - ever wondered why the sky is blue? 

    • There is natural and artificial blue light. The sun is our main source of natural blue light while digital devices and LED screens produce artificial blue light.


    Blue light isn’t all bad. Natural blue light helps regulate our sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm) and our general well-being. Exposure to a sufficient amount of blue light can boost your mood or improve your memory.


    Artificial blue light is the type that can be harmful. So, why should we use blue light glasses and how do they work?


    How do blue light blocking glasses work?

    The main reasons we are advised to use blue-light blocking glasses is to protect our eyes and health from:


    1. Eyestrain/fatigue

    2. Headaches

    3. Retinal damage that may cause further eye impairments

    4. Restless sleep


    Glasses with blue light coating help filter out the blue light emitted by your computer, tablet, TV, smartphone, and other digital devices. This reduces the exposure of blue light entering your eye, reduces glare, and limits the risk of the above discomforts.


    While blue light glasses can increase your protection, many studies have shown that blue light is not the only cause of digital eye strain or retinal damage. There are other steps you can take to reduce eye discomfort such as cutting down on screen time or changing the luminosity settings on your device. 


    Nevertheless, many see positive effects when wearing blue-light blocking glasses. Why not give them a try by finding a pair of eyeglasses with zFORT® blue light technology?


    At SmartBuyGlasses, the blue light filter can be added to the majority of non-prescription and prescription eyeglasses in countless frame styles and various vision corrections, such as single vision or progressive lenses.

    We recommend reading more about blue-light blocking glasses and why blue light filters may benefit you and your eyesight.