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Police Glasses

Police is an Italian fashion brand known for its bold and contemporary eyewear, including sunglasses and optical frames. Established in the 1980s, Police has gained recognition for its edgy and urban designs, catering to a youthful and fashion-forward audience. The brand is characterized by its distinctive style, often featuring sleek lines, innovative details, and high-quality materials. Police eyewear combines modern aesthetics with functionality, offering both statement-making styles and timeless classics.


Is Police a good brand for glasses?


Whether you’re looking at glasses trends online or in the real world, you'll be someone sporting a Police pair of glasses for sure. Police is a well-established brand known for its eyewear, particularly sunglasses. The brand offers a range of styles that often feature classic designs and high-quality materials. Police eyewear is popular among those who appreciate fashion-forward designs and are looking to make a statement with their eyewear.


Do Police glasses offer a variety of styles, catering to both classic and trendy preferences?


Yes, Police glasses are available in a variety of styles that are great for those who prefer a classic design for everyday wear and even those who prefer a trendy look for outdoor wear.


How do you choose the right size of frames for your face?


Start by measuring the width of your face across the temples to determine the appropriate frame width. Ensure that the frames are proportional to the width of your face, extending slightly beyond your temples. Check the temple length to ensure it reaches your ears comfortably without pinching. Then, evaluate the bridge fit to ensure it sits comfortably on your nose without sliding down. Consider the frame height to ensure it complements your facial proportions. If you’re buying your glasses online, consider the product measurements and compare them to your facial measurements for an accurate idea of how they look on you.