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  • Gunmetal
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  • Silver
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Two-Tone
  • White
  • Yellow

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Polar Glasses


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Polar Glasses

Polar's colder than an old gold watch. It's cooler than frigid metal and hats turned sideways. It's frosty like a snowman's breath and it's beautiful like the first glimmer of diamond. It's useful like technology and transparent like the best public policy. It's honest like the nicest people, and it's capable of keeping a secret or two.

Polar frames glasses

It knows what it wants, and goes after what it needs. It ticks boxes, does its paperwork, and climbs mountains just for more. It helps with the dishes, opens the champagne, and gets the car washed.

Polar glasses Canada

It does it through you but it does it with a smile on its face. It may be cold, but it's the right kind of cold. Just warm enough to be efficient.Even the dark ones emit the warm glow of an open fire through a clear teacup. It's not necessarily in the spectrum of visible colours, but it's there. Believe, and the warmth shall envelop.