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Mont Blanc Glasses

Mont Blanc glasses are the creation of a luxury company that’s different from the rest. Founded in Germany in 1906, Mont Blanc has been a luxury brand for over a century. Initially famous for designing their signature ink pens, Mont Blanc now also creates handmade timepieces, jewellery and beautiful eyewear. Modern, minimalist and irresistible, Mont Blanc glasses will propel you to a new level of eyewear satisfaction.

Mont Blanc Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Most luxury brands that make glasses have their roots in the fashion industry. Mont Blanc, on the other hand, has always been an expert in crafting luxury products with a specific, functional purpose. 


This expertise has been very successfully transferred over to their eyewear department. High standards, meticulous attention to detail and an understated style characterise both the Mont Blanc brand and its glasses collection.

The production of Mont Blanc glasses is handled by Kering Eyewear, the most relevant player in the luxury eyewear sector. Trusted by many of the world’s foremost luxury fashion brands to manufacture their ranges of glasses and sunglasses, Kering eyewear is produced in Italy. 


Built with form and function in mind, Mont Blanc glasses are manufactured using premium quality materials. With an eye on sustainability, Mont Blanc has a range of eco-friendly frames that have a lesser impact on the planet. They come in a multitude of shapes and styles, from timeless tortoiseshell options to classy, two-tone square designs. If you’re a fan of the 00s aesthetic, Mont Blanc rimless glasses should be right up your street. 


Mont Blanc prescription glasses are a guaranteed way to add an air of sophistication to your look. At SmartBuyGlasses, we stock an extensive range of Mont Blanc glasses that you can customise to suit your vision requirements. Add blue light-blocking lenses if you work at the computer all day, or Transitions® lenses if you lead an outdoor lifestyle. 


Free shipping and our 100-day return policy make SmartBuyGlasses the best place to shop for Mont Blanc glasses in Canada!