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Miraflex Glasses

Miraflex glasses are a popular choice for toddlers and kids who need to have glasses, but cannot handle plastic or metal frames. Miraflex frames are made of a flexible plastic that makes them durable. They also don't have any metal parts that could harm children. These glasses are also secured by a band which makes it a good fit for toddlers and kids. While Miraflex has been discontinued, they are in stock at SmartBuy where limited pieces are left for buyers to purchase. 

Miraflex Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Miraflex eyeglasses are made of safe, hypoallergenic plastic that is flexible for babies and kids. 

These glasses are typically coloured or clear with a little shade, perfect for kids. They also have a band to secure the glasses around the child’s head, so it doesn't fall off when they are running or playing. You can choose the prescription number for these glasses when you’re shopping online from SmartBuy. 

Miraflex glasses are designed for children. So, they are made of comfortable material and the shapes are just rectangular and rounded. The glasses collection by Miraflex has multiple colours and colour combinations. These colours are not typical black, brown, and clear. In this collection, you can find colours like green, blue, pink, and purple, all of which appeal to children. The band that secures the glasses onto the child’s head is also a complementary colour. 

Toddlers and kids look good in any type of glasses. So, choosing the shape and colour of frames for them isn’t hard. Miraflex glasses come in rectangular and round shapes. You can choose the style you prefer according to the size of the child’s face. Miraflex glasses are coloured to appeal to kids and toddlers. Therefore, choose a colour that your toddler or kid likes. If they like the colour, they are less likely to reject the glasses.