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Markus T Glasses

Markus T glasses are 100% handcrafted in Germany, making each frame individual – just like you. Every pair of glasses is authentic and simply perfect. Instead of following conventions, Markus T creates its own rules in order to give you unique, stylish glasses to help you show off your true self. If you are looking for something exciting and different, Markus T is the brand for you.

Markus Temming is the incredible designer behind the Markus T eyewear. It started at his kitchen table with the idea of creating ultra-lightweight, comfortable and functional eyewear. Since it started, Markus T has won nearly 40 awards for its impeccable designs and highly technical features. Markus has been creating beautiful, smart and exceptional designs for over 20 years and this experience shines through in every pair. Markus T is a modern, high-tech brand for those living on the cutting-edge.

As the frames are all designed in-house and created locally, every pair is of the highest quality, sustainable and precise. They are lightweight, durable and stylish. Instead of using screws, prominent block hinges connect the frame together, creating a minimalist but instantly recognizable look. This futuristic technology has become the hallmark of Markus T.

Most Popular Markus T Eyeglasses

If you’re looking for a pair of oval, semi-rimless frames, look no further. This quirky shape is simple but striking and the grey frames will go with any outfit.

This original design is semi-rimless but with a twist – the rims are on the bottom half of the glasses instead of the top. This gives it a truly unique look.

Join those who think outside the box with Markus T.