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Gucci Glasses

The luxury Italian brand Gucci reflects the cultivated, graceful style of Florence. Gucci glasses are nothing less than a sophisticated statement of style. This one accessory can boost your entire wardrobe to add something extra special to your outfit.


Gucci glasses frames are perfectly designed for both men and women and at SmartBuyGlasses Canada you’ll find the perfect frames for your lenses. Our wide range of Gucci glasses is guaranteed authentic and we offer a safe and efficient means of purchase!


Gucci is a luxury Italian brand founded in 1921 that began as a shop that sold fine leather goods in Florence. A few years later the Gucci brand expanded its empire to include new shops in Milan and Rome. The company managed to survive during World War II thanks to the founder's creativity. 


After the war, new boutiques were opened in the United States and Asia. Gucci’s creative manager has famously remodeled the fashion brand without ignoring the brand’s history. He isn’t scared to mix the old with the new, often incorporating vintage logos and sophisticated details.


With a wide range of Gucci glasses for men and women, you’ll find models available for every taste and style to compliment you and your look. Gucci eyeglasses come in different colours and shapes from big pink Gucci glasses to Gucci round glasses in black and white. On our website, you can find all the new Gucci glasses frames.

Gucci Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

2 main key players manufacture and supply exclusive Gucci glasses: Kering Eyewear & Safilo Group. 


Although some Gucci glasses are also manufactured in Japan, like metal frames, the luxury brand is mostly produced in Italy. Kering Eyewear and the Safilo Group pride themselves in delivering fine craftsmanship of luxury brands. 


The Safilo Group is a leading pillar in the Italian manufacturing and distribution of elegant eyewear designs, which include sunglasses, sports eyewear, and optical frames. Among some of the most prestigious collections the company manufactures, Gucci eyewear has been a part of the journey. 


Kering Eyewear also develops luxury brands in fashion, leather goods, watches, and jewellery. Working with many Houses of Fashion, Kering Eyewear blesses the world with high-end and refined eyewear. 

You want to look chic with a pair of Gucci glasses frames but you also have visual impairments to correct? No problem, by purchasing a pair of Gucci glasses at SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find a variety of RX lenses available to you. 


Maybe you love the popular trend of clear glasses and can’t wait to get your hands on a pair. At the same time, however, you want to rock a cool pair of glasses that also have an elegant touch. What better way than to infuse yourself with fine craftsmanship through a pair of Gucci clear glasses


You’ve picked your frame and now need to choose your RX lenses. Have your prescription at hand or, if you can’t remember it, use our free Lens Scanner app to find your prescription details from your current pair of glasses. Once you’ve found your prescription, enter the details. After you choose your lens prescription you can then choose the lens thickness. 


To avoid the coke bottle effect, choose thinner lenses that will suit you and your glasses. Don’t forget that a lens coating upgrade is also a great way to help protect your eyes while looking glamorous. Working in the office day after day? Try out our zFORT® Blue light-blocking, a special lens coating that reduces glare and eyestrain. 


Don’t allow blue light to ruin your beauty sleep. 

As mentioned, the majority of Gucci glasses are made in Italy except for particular frames that are also made in Japan. 


The first thing to notice is where the Gucci glasses frames were made by looking at the inside of the temple and seeing ‘Made in Italy’ or ‘Made in Japan.' Alongside this, the glasses should also have a CE mark to show the product has been approved and follows the requirements appointed by the EU. 


Make sure that the product label corresponds to the details of the product itself. On the label, you’ll see which manufacturer has crafted this pair of Gucci glasses. If you look at the inside of the temples again, you’ll also see the model, colour code, and measurements of the glasses. 


The retail box and its contents should all resemble the official logo in the exact colours and fonts of the iconic Gucci brand. Yes, including the dust cloth.   

When purchasing a pair of authentic Gucci glasses online, verify that it is an accredited online retailer with the rights to distribute brands. With SmartBuyGlasses you’ll be sure to have authentic Gucci glasses and Gucci sunglasses packaging delivered straight to your door!