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Cazal Glasses

Dior is a luxury French goods company founded by Christian Dior in 1946. Christian Dior was a pioneer in fashion during the late 40’s, creating a new look. His designs were feminine and voluptuous, moving away from the conservative shapes and styles of World War II. Much of Christian Dior’s initial ideas are reflected in Christian Dior glasses today. Soft feminine lines are used to create a flattering shape. Not one to stick to the norm, Christian Dior glasses are constantly evolving to remain top in the fashion world. As a favourite of many high-profile celebrities, Dior eyeglasses will get you noticed. The company currently designs fashion accessories, makeup, skincare products and jewellery.


Dior New Glasses

Associated with high fashion and style, Dior glasses exude affluence and luxury. Fusing today’s freedom of expression with opulence from the past, Christian Dior glasses are avant-garde. For that classic French chic look, a pair of Dior glasses will do the trick. A perfect combination of past inspirations and futuristic ideas, the Dior eyewear collection has sophisticated architectural lines and charismatic flair.


Christian Dior Men's glasses

A wide selection of Christian Dior men's glasses is available on our website. Check out the Dior BLACK TIE 216, a refined and contemporary pair that comes in a variety of colours to match every style. Don't miss our best-sellers, the  Dior DIOR0236 J5G and DIOR SIGNATURE O1 J5G. These Christian Dior round glasses are perfect for any day of the week. You can easily add lenses for any kind of vision impairments at an unbeatable price.


Dior Glasses for Women

SmartBuyGlasses Canada offers a huge variety of styles to suit all tastes. Don't miss our Dior cat-eye glasses such as the DIOR CD 4 FWM, Dior MYDIORO3 HT8 and Dior DIORSIGHTO1 SX7.

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At unbeatable prices, SmartBuyGlasses is Canada’s most trusted online eyeglasses retailer, and with one of the largest selections of styles, you are sure to find your perfect pair of Dior glasses in Canada.

They come with a 24-month warranty, a hassle-free 100 day returns policy and a price match guarantee. Our Dior glasses frames are 100% authentic and that’s why our exchange and return policy makes it easy to swap or refund your purchase.
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