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Cazal Glasses

Founded in 1975, Cazal is a German eyewear brand renowned for its high-quality and fashion-forward designs. From sunglasses to prescription glasses, they boast a diverse collection that caters to a wide range of tastes from elegant to stylish. Whether you prefer to wear a timeless design for everyday use or add a touch of flair to your outfit, Cazal’s prestigious collection will be an ideal pick.


What are the hallmarks of Cazal glasses frames?


Cazal's collection offers distinct lines, each with unique design elements. The 1000s line exudes a feminine charm with sparkly embellishments and hand-painted patterns on metal frames. The 4000s line presents timeless frames featuring geometric shapes and elegant neutral metal detailing. The 5000s line caters to fashion-forward individuals with avant-garde, bulky geometric frames and thick rims. The 6000/7000 line serves as a luxury collection for men, characterized by sleek frames and signature details like the Cazal logo on the left lens.


What shape and colour of frames are most popular for Cazal glasses?


While Cazal likes to play around with various colours and shapes, most of their lines include aviator-style frames, square frames, and round frames. For colours, while they include plenty of blacks, browns, tortoiseshell and other neutrals they are also known to use golden metals where possible along with vibrant colours such as reds and blues.


How to choose the right size of glasses?


When purchasing eyeglasses in person, a physical fitting is essential. Ensure the temple arms provide a snug, yet comfortable fit on your face. The nose bridge should rest securely on your nose without slipping, and the lenses should cover your eyes adequately. If buying glasses online, measure your facial dimensions and compare them with the product specifications to verify a suitable fit.